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81.[O] Temperature acclimation of photosynthesis: mechanisms involved in the changes in temperature dependence of photosynthetic rate.[Journal of Experimental Botany,57,(2006),291-302]Hikosaka K, Ishikawa K, Borjigidai A, Muller O, Onoda Y
82.[O] Leaf lifespan and lifetime carbon balance of individual leaves in a stand of an annual herb, Xanthium canadense.[NEW PHYTOLOGIST,172(1),(2006),104-116]Oikawa Shimpei, Hikosaka Kouki, Hirose Tadaki
83.[O] Modulation of leaf economic traits and trait relationships by climate.[GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY,14(5),(2005),411-421]Wright IJ, Reich PB, Cornelissen JHC, Falster DS, Groom PK, Hikosaka K, Lee W, Lusk CH, Niinemets U, Oleksyn J, Osada N, Poorter H, Warton DI, Westoby M
84.[O] Nitrogen partitioning in the photosynthetic apparatus of Plantago asiatica leaves grown under different temperature and light conditions: Similarities and differences between temperature and light acclimation.[PLANT AND CELL PHYSIOLOGY,46(8),(2005),1283-1290]Hikosaka K
85.[O] Leaf anatomy as a constraint for photosynthetic acclimation: differential responses in leaf anatomy to increasing growth irradiance among three deciduous trees.[PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT,28(7),(2005),916-927]Oguchi R, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
86.[O] Respiration and reproductive effort in Xanthium canadense.[ANNALS OF BOTANY,96(1),(2005),81-89]Kinugasa T, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
87.[O] Plant responses to elevated CO2 concentration at different scales: leaf, whole plant, canopy, and population.[Ecological Research,20,(2005),243-253]Hikosaka K, Onoda Y, Kinugasa K, Anten NPR, Nagashima H, Hirose T
88.[O] Biomass allocation and leaf chemical defence in defoliated seedlings of Quercus serrata with respect to carbon-nitrogen balance.[ANNALS OF BOTANY,95(6),(2005),1025-1032]Hikosaka K, Takashima T, Kabeya D, Hirose T, Kamata N
89.[O] Assessing the generality of global leaf trait relationships.[NEW PHYTOLOGIST,166(2),(2005),485-496]Wright IJ, Reich PB, Cornelissen JHC, Falster DS, Garnier E, Hikosaka K, Lamont BB, Lee W, Oleksyn J, Osada N, Poorter H, Villar R, Warton DI, Westoby M
90.[O] Nitrogen resorption from leaves under different growth irradiance in three deciduous woody species.[PLANT ECOLOGY,178(1),(2005),29-37]Yasumura Y, Onoda Y, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
91.[O] Dynamics of leaf area and nitrogen in the canopy of an annual herb, Xanthium canadense.[OECOLOGIA,143(4),(2005),517-526]Oikawa S, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
92.[O] Seasonal changes in light and temperature affect the balance between light harvesting and light utilisation components of photosynthesis in an evergreen understory shrub.[OECOLOGIA,143(4),(2005),501-508]Muller O, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
93.[O] Leaf canopy as a dynamic system: Ecophysiology and optimality in leaf turnover..[Annals of Botany,95(521-533),(2005)]Hikosaka K
94.[O] Seasonal change in the balance between capacities of RuBP carboxylation and RuBP regeneration affects CO2 response of photosynthesis in Polygonum cuspidatum.[Journal of Experimental Botany,56(755-763),(2005)]Onoda Y, Hikosaka K, Hirose Y
95.[O] Reproductive growth and respiration in an annual under elevated CO2.[PHYTON-ANNALES REI BOTANICAE,45(4),(2005),415-418]Kinugasa T., Hikosaka K., Hirose T.
96.[O] Natural CO2 springs in Japan: A case study of vegetation dynamics.[PHYTON-ANNALES REI BOTANICAE,45(4),(2005),389-394]Onoda Y., Hikosaka K., Hirose T.
97.[O] The balance between RuBP carboxylation and RuBP regeneration: a mechanism underlying the interspecific variation in acclimation of photosynthesis to seasonal change in temperature.[FUNCTIONAL PLANT BIOLOGY,32(10),(2005),903-910]Onoda Y, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
98.[B] Plant ecology.[朝倉書店,(2004)]彦坂幸毅(2章)
99.[O] Interspecific difference in the photosynthesis-nitrogen relationship: patterns, physiological causes, and ecological importance.[Journal of Plant Research,117,(2004),481-494]Hikosaka K
100.[B] Introduction to ecology.[東京化学同人,(2004)]彦坂幸毅(p. 84-91)
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