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61.[O] Carbon balance in a monospecific stand of an annual herb Chenopodium album at an elevated CO2 concentration.[Plant Ecol.,203(1),(2009),33-44]Borjigidai, Almaz Hikosaka, Kouki Hirose, Tadaki
62.[O] The role of Rubisco and cell walls in the interspecific variation in photosynthetic capacity.[Oecologia,160(3),(2009),443-451]Hikosaka, Kouki Shigeno, Aki
63.[O] A paradox of leaf-trait convergence: why is leaf nitrogen concentration higher in species with higher photosynthetic capacity?.[J. Plant Res.,122(3),(2009),245-251]Hikosaka, Kouki Osone, Yoko
64.[O] Cold-Tolerant Crop Species Have Greater Temperature Homeostasis of Leaf Respiration and Photosynthesis Than Cold-Sensitive Species.[Plant Cell Physiol.,50(2),(2009),203-215]Yamori, Wataru Noguchi, Ko Hikosaka, Kouki Terashima, Ichiro
65.[O] Does leaf photosynthesis adapt to CO2-enriched environments? An experiment on plants originating from three natural CO2 springs.[New Phytol.,182(3),(2009),698-709]Onoda, Yusuke Hirose, Tadaki Hikosaka, Kouki
66.[O] Reproductive yield of individuals competing for light in a dense stand of an annual, Xanthium canadense.[Oecologia,157(2),(2008),185-195]Matsumoto, Yosuke Oikawa, Shimpei Yasumura, Yuko Hirose, Tadaki Hikosaka, Kouki
67.[O] Does leaf shedding increase the whole-plant carbon gain despite some nitrogen being lost with shedding?.[NEW PHYTOLOGIST,178(3),(2008),617-624]Oikawa, Shimpei Hikosaka, Kouki Hirose, Tadaki
68.[O] Costs and benefits of photosynthetic light acclimation by tree seedlings in response to gap formation.[OECOLOGIA,155(4),(2008),665-675]Oguchi, R. Hikosaka, K. Hiura, T. Hirose, T.
69.[O] Relationships between photosynthetic activity and silica accumulation with ages of leaf in Sasa veitchii (Poaceae, Bambusoideae).[ANNALS OF BOTANY,101(3),(2008),463-468]Motomura, Hiroyuki Hikosaka, Kouki Suzuki, Mitsuo
70.[O] Elevated CO2 concentration, nitrogen use, and seed production in annual plants.[Global Change Biology,13,(2007),2161-2170]Miyagi KM, Kinugasa T, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
71.[O] Seasonal changes in the temperature response of photosynthesis in canopy leaves of Quercus crispula in a cool-temperate forest.[TREE PHYSIOLOGY,27(7),(2007),1035-1041]Hikosaka Kouki, Nabeshima Eri, Hiura Tsutom
72.[O] Nitrogen resorption and protein degradation during leaf senescence in Chenopodium album grown in different light and nitrogen conditions.[Functional Plant BIology,34,(2007),409-417]Yasumura Y, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
73.[O] Effect of elevated CO2 levels on leaf starch, nitrogen and photosynthesis of plants growing at three natural CO2 springs in Japan.[ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH,22(3),(2007),475-484]Onoda Yusuke, Hirose Tadaki, Hikosaka Kouki
74.[B] Terrestrial ecosystems in a changing world.[Springer-Verlag,(2007)]Kohyama T, Yoshioka T, Urabe J, Hikosaka K, Sugimoto A, Shibata H, Wada E
75.[O] Intraspecific variation in temperature dependence of gas exchange characteristics among Plantago asiatica ecotypes from different temperature regimes.[NEW PHYTOLOGIST,176(2),(2007),356-364]Ishikawa Kazumasa, Onoda Yusuke, Hikosaka Kouki
76.[O] Leaf anatomy and light acclimation in woody seedlings after gap formation in a cool-temperate deciduous forest..[Oecologia,149,(2006),571-582]Oguchi R, Hikosaka K, Hiura T, Hirose T
77.[O] Seasonal changes in photosynthesis, nitrogen content and nitrogen partitioning in Lindera umbellata leaves grown in high or low irradiance.[TREE PHYSIOLOGY,26(10),(2006),1315-1323]Yasumura Yuko, Hikosaka Kouki, Hirose Tadaki
78.[O] Resource allocation to vegetative and reproductive growth in relation to mast seeding in Fagus crenata.[FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT,229(1-3),(2006),228-233]Yasumura Y, Hikosaka K, Hirose T
79.[B] 地球環境と生態系.[共立出版,(2006)]彦坂幸毅(分担筆) 武田博清・占部城太郎 編
80.[O] Seasonal changes in temperature dependence of photosynthetic rate in rice under a free-air CO2 enrichment.[ANNALS OF BOTANY,97(4),(2006),549-557]Borjigidai A, Hikosaka K, Hirose T, Hasegawa T, Okada M, Kobayashi K
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