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41.[O] Variations in Species Composition of Moorland Plant Communities Along Environmental Gradients Within a Subalpine Zone in Northern Japan.[Wetlands,33(2),(2013),269-277]Sasaki, Takehiro Katabuchi, Masatoshi Kamiyama, Chiho Shimazaki, Masaya Nakashizuka, Tohru Hikosaka, Kouki
42.[R] 植物と二酸化炭素.[日本農芸化学会 化学と生物,51(4), (2013), 250-256]彦坂幸毅・寺島一郎
43.[O] Polygonum sachalinense alters the balance between capacities of regeneration and carboxylation of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate in response to growth CO2 increment but not the nitrogen allocation within the photosynthetic apparatus.[Physiol. Plant.,146(4),(2012),404-412]Akita, Risako Kamiyama, Chiho Hikosaka, Kouki
44.[O] Nestedness and niche-based species loss in moorland plant communities.[Oikos,121(11),(2012),1783-1790]Sasaki, Takehiro Katabuchi, Masatoshi Kamiyama, Chiho Shimazaki, Masaya Nakashizuka, Tohru Hikosaka, Kouki
45.[O] An evolutionary game of leaf dynamics and its consequences for canopy structure.[Funct. Ecol.,26(5),(2012),1024-1032]Hikosaka, Kouki Anten, Niels P. R.
46.[O] Not only light quality but also mechanical stimuli are involved in height convergence in crowded Chenopodium album stands.[New Phytol.,195(4),(2012),803-811]Nagashima, Hisae Hikosaka, Kouki
47.[O] Diversity partitioning of moorland plant communities across hierarchical spatial scales.[Biodivers. Conserv.,21(6),(2012),1577-1588]Sasaki, Takehiro Katabuchi, Masatoshi Kamiyama, Chiho Shimazaki, Masaya Nakashizuka, Tohru Hikosaka, Kouki
48.[O] Environmental dependence of population dynamics and height growth of a subalpine conifer across its vertical distribution: an approach using high-resolution aerial photographs.[Glob. Change Biol.,17(11),(2011),3431-3438]Shimazaki, Masaya Sasaki, Takehiro Hikosaka, Kouki Nakashizuka, Tohru
49.[O] Optimal use of leaf nitrogen explains seasonal changes in leaf nitrogen content of an understorey evergreen shrub.[Ann. Bot.,108(3),(2011),529-536]Muller, Onno Hirose, Tadaki Werger, Marinus J. A. Hikosaka, Kouki
50.[O] Plants in a crowded stand regulate their height growth so as to maintain similar heights to neighbours even when they have potential advantages in height growth.[Ann. Bot.,108(1),(2011),207-214]Nagashima, Hisae Hikosaka, Kouki
51.[O] Phenotypic and genetic differences in a perennial herb across a natural gradient of CO2 concentration.[Oecologia,165(3),(2011),809-818]Nakamura, Ito Onoda, Yusuke Matsushima, Noe Yokoyama, Jun Kawata, Masakado Hikosaka, Kouki
52.[O] Effects of elevated CO2 concentration on seed production in C-3 annual plants.[J. Exp. Bot.,62(4),(2011),1523-1530]Hikosaka, Kouki Kinugasa, Toshihiko Oikawa, Shimpei Onoda, Yusuke Hirose, Tadaki
53.[O] WHY DOES VIOLA HONDOENSIS (VIOLACEAE) SHED ITS WINTER LEAVES IN SPRING?.[Am. J. Bot.,97(12),(2010),1944-1950]Hikosaka, Kouki Kawauchi, Yoshie Kurosawa, Takahide
54.[O] Light interception in species with different functional groups coexisting in moorland plant communities.[Oecologia,164(3),(2010),591-599]Kamiyama, Chiho Oikawa, Shimpei Kubo, Takuya Hikosaka, Kouki
55.[O] Effects of atmospheric CO2 concentration, irradiance, and soil nitrogen availability on leaf photosynthetic traits of Polygonum sachalinense around natural CO2 springs in northern Japan.[Oecologia,164(1),(2010),41-52]Osada, Noriyuki Onoda, Yusuke Hikosaka, Kouki
56.[O] Interactions between elevated CO2 and N-2-fixation determine soybean yield-a test using a non-nodulated mutant.[Plant Soil,330(1-2),(2010),163-172]Oikawa, Shimpei Miyagi, Kay-May Hikosaka, Kouki Okada, Masumi Matsunami, Toshinori Kokubun, Makie Kinugasa, Toshihiko Hirose, Tadaki
57.[O] Phenotypic Plasticity in Photosynthetic Temperature Acclimation among Crop Species with Different Cold Tolerances.[Plant Physiol.,152(1),(2010),388-399]Yamori, Wataru Noguchi, Ko Hikosaka, Kouki Terashima, Ichiro
58.[O] Mechanisms underlying interspecific variation in photosynthetic capacity across wild plant species.[Plant Biotechnol.,27(3),(2010),223-229]Hikosaka, Kouki
59.[O] Needle traits of an evergreen, coniferous shrub growing at wind-exposed and protected sites in a mountain region: does Pinus pumila produce needles with greater mass per area under wind-stress conditions?.[Plant Biol.,11,(2009),94-100]Nagano, S. Nakano, T. Hikosaka, K. Maruta, E.
60.[O] The leaf anatomy of a broad-leaved evergreen allows an increase in leaf nitrogen content in winter.[Physiol. Plant.,136(3),(2009),299-309]Muller, Onno Oguchi, Riichi Hirose, Tadaki Werger, Marinus J. A. Hikosaka, Kouki
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