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1.[O] Acclimation and adaptation components of the temperature dependence of plant photosynthesis at the global scale..[The New phytologist,222(2),(2019),768-784]Kumarathunge DP, Medlyn BE, Drake JE, Tjoelker MG, Aspinwall MJ, Battaglia M, Cano FJ, Carter KR, Cavaleri MA, Cernusak LA, Chambers JQ, Crous KY, De Kauwe MG, Dillaway DN, Dreyer E, Ellsworth DS, Ghannoum O, Han Q, Hikosaka K, Jensen AM, Kelly JWG, Kruger EL, Mercado LM, Onoda Y, Reich PB, Rogers A, Slot M, Smith NG, Tarvainen L, Tissue DT, Togashi HF, Tribuzy ES, Uddling J, Vårhammar A, Wallin G, Warren JM, Way DA
2.[O] Plasticity of functional traits and optimality of biomass allocation in elevational ecotypes of Arabidopsis halleri grown at different soil nutrient availabilities.[JOURNAL OF PLANT RESEARCH,132(2),(2019),237-249]Wang Qing-Wei, Daumal Maya, Nagano Soichiro, Yoshida Naofumi, Morinaga Shin-Ichi, Hikosaka Kouki
3.[O] Modeling leaf CO2 assimilation and Photosystem II photochemistry from chlorophyll fluorescence and the photochemical reflectance index.[PLANT CELL AND ENVIRONMENT,42(2),(2019),730-739]Hikosaka Kouki, Noda Hibiki M.
4.[O] Dependence of functional traits related to growth rates and their CO2 response on multiple habitat climate factors across Arabidopsis thaliana populations.[JOURNAL OF PLANT RESEARCH,131(6),(2018),987-999]Ozaki Hiroshi, Oguchi Riichi, Hikosaka Kouki
5.[O] Habitat filtering determines the functional niche occupancy of plant communities worldwide.[JOURNAL OF ECOLOGY,106(3),(2018),1001-1009]Li Yuanzhi, Shipley Bill, Price Jodi N., Dantas Vinicius de L., Tamme Riin, Westoby Mark, Siefert Andrew, Schamp Brandon S., Spasojevic Marko J., Jung Vincent, Laughlin Daniel C., Richardson Sarah J., Le Bagousse-Pinguet Yoann, Schob Christian, Gazol Antonio, Prentice Honor C., Gross Nicolas, Overton Jake, Cianciaruso Marcus V., Louault Frederique, Kamiyama Chiho, Nakashizuka Tohru, Hikosaka Kouki, Sasaki Takehiro, Katabuchi Masatoshi, Dussault Cedric Frenette, Gaucherand Stephanie, Chen Ning, Vandewalle Marie, Batalha Marco Antonio
6.[O] The role of biomass allocation between lamina and petioles in a game of light competition in a dense stand of an annual plant.[ANNALS OF BOTANY,121(5),(2018),1055-1064]Yoshinaka Kenta, Nagashima Hisae, Yanagita Yusuke, Hikosaka Kouki
7.[O] Physiological validation of photochemical reflectance index (PRI) as a photosynthetic parameter using Arabidopsis thaliana mutants.[BIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS,498(1),(2018),52-57]Kohzuma Kaori, Hikosaka Kouki
8.[O] Nitrogen resorption in senescing leaf blades of rice exposed to free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) under different N fertilization levels.[PLANT AND SOIL,418(1-2),(2017),231-240]Oikawa, Shimpei Ehara, Hitomi Koyama, Mika Hirose, Tadaki Hikosaka, Kouki Chen, Charles P. Nakamura, Hirofumi Sakai, Hidemitsu Tokida, Takeshi Usui, Yasuhiro Hasegawa, Toshihiro
9.[O] The effect of interspecific variation in photosynthetic plasticity on 4-year growth rate and 8-year survival of understorey tree seedlings in response to gap formations in a cool-temperate deciduous forest.[TREE PHYSIOLOGY,37(8),(2017),1113-1127]Oguchi, Riichi Hiura, Tsutom Hikosaka, Kouki
10.[O] Physiological and structural tradeoffs underlying the leaf economics spectrum.[NEW PHYTOLOGIST,214(4),(2017),1447-1463]Onoda, Yusuke Wright, Ian J. Evans, John R. Hikosaka, Kouki Kitajima, Kaoru Niinemets, Ulo Poorter, Hendrik Tosens, Tiina Westoby, Mark
11.[O] Mutant selection in the self-incompatible plant radish (Raphanus sativus L. var. sativus) using two-step TILLING.[BREEDING SCIENCE,67(3),(2017),268-276]Kohzuma, Kaori Chiba, Motoko Nagano, Soichiro Anai, Toyoaki Ueda, Miki U. Oguchi, Riichi Shirai, Kazumasa Hanada, Kousuke Hikosaka, Kouki Fujii, Nobuharu
12.[O] Decades-long effects of high CO2 concentration on soil nitrogen dynamics at a natural CO2 spring.[ECOLOGICAL RESEARCH,32(2),(2017),215-225]Ueda, Miki U. Onoda, Yusuke Kamiyama, Chiho Hikosaka, Kouki
13.[O] Nitrogen Distribution in Leaf Canopies of High-Yielding Rice Cultivar Takanari.[CROP SCIENCE,57(4),(2017),2080-2088]Muryono, Mukhammad Chen, Charles P. Sakai, Hidemitsu Tokida, Takeshi Hasegawa, Toshihiro Usui, Yasuhiro Nakamura, Hirofumi Hikosaka, Kouki
14.[O] Functional differentiation in UV-B-induced DNA damage and growth inhibition between highland and lowland ecotypes of two Arabidopsis species.[ENVIRONMENTAL AND EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY,131,(2016),110-119]Wang, Qing-Wei Nagano, Soichiro Ozaki, Hiroshi Morinaga, Shin-Ichi Hidema, Jun Hikosaka, Kouki
15.[O] Effects of seasonal change and experimental warming on the temperature dependence of photosynthesis in the canopy leaves of Quercus serrata.[TREE PHYSIOLOGY,36(10),(2016),1283-1295]Yamaguchi, Daisuke P. Nakaji, Tatsuro Hiura, Tsutom Hikosaka, Kouki
16.[O] A meta-analysis of leaf nitrogen distribution within plant canopies.[ANNALS OF BOTANY,118(2),(2016),239-247]Hikosaka, Kouki Anten, Niels P. R. Borjigidai, Almaz Kamiyama, Chiho Sakai, Hidemitsu Hasegawa, Toshihiro Oikawa, Shimpei Iio, Atsuhiro Watanabe, Makoto Koike, Takayoshi Nishina, Kazuya Ito, Akihiko
17.[O] Ultraviolet-B-induced DNA damage and ultraviolet-B tolerance mechanisms in species with different functional groups coexisting in subalpine moorlands.[OECOLOGIA,181(4),(2016),1069-1082]Wang, Qing-Wei Kamiyama, Chiho Hidema, Jun Hikosaka, Kouki
18.[O] Plant-plant interactions mediate the plastic and genotypic response of Plantago asiatica to CO2: an experiment with plant populations from naturally high CO2 areas.[ANNALS OF BOTANY,117(7),(2016),1197-1207]van Loon, Marloes P. Rietkerk, Max Dekker, Stefan C. Hikosaka, Kouki Ueda, Miki U. Anten, Niels P. R.
19.[O] Optimality of nitrogen distribution among leaves in plant canopies.[JOURNAL OF PLANT RESEARCH,129(3),(2016),299-311]Hikosaka, Kouki
20.[B] 植物の光合成・物質生産の測定とモデリング.[共立出版,(2016)]彦坂幸毅
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