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281.Observer-based Visual Servoing with Redundant Features.[MTNS-96,(1996)]K. Hashimoto and T. Noritsugu
282.Robotic Yoyo based on Visual Feedback.[1996 IFAC World Congress,C,(1996),61-66]K. Hashimoto and T. Noritsugu
283.Visual Servoing.[計測と制御,35(4),(1996),282-285]橋本浩一
284.Modeling and Control of Robotic Yoyo with Visual Feedback.[1996 IEEE Int. Conf. Robotics and Automation,(1996),2650-2655]K. Hashimoto and T. Noritsugu
285.Modeling and control of robotic yoyo with visual feedback.[Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation,3,(1996),2650-2655]Koichi Hashimoto, Toshiro Noritsugu
286.Visual Servoing ---Nonlinear Observer Approach---.[日本ロボット学会誌,13(7),(1995),986-993]橋本浩一, 木村英紀
287.Visual Servoing with Nonlinear Observer.[1995 IEEE Int. Conf. Robotics and Automation,(1995),484-489]K. Hashimoto and H. Kimura
288.Visual Servoing ---Nonlinear Control Approach---.[日本ロボット学会誌,13(2),(1995),263-269]橋本浩一, 井上貴博, 木村英紀
289.Visual servoing with nonlinear observer.[Proceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation,1,(1995),484-489]Koichi Hashimoto, Hidenori Kimura
290.Visual Feedback Control Based on H-infinity Control Theory.[計測自動制御学会論文集,30(12),(1994),1505-1511]小倉佐織, 海老根巧, 橋本浩一, 木村英紀
291.Visual Feedback Control ---From Static to Dynamic.[システム/制御/情報,38(12),(1994),659-665]橋本浩一
292.Visual Feedback Control Based on H.INF. Control Theory..[計測自動制御学会論文集,30(12),(1994),1505-1511]小倉佐織, 海老根巧, 橋本浩一, 木村英紀
293.H^∞制御理論に基づくロボットの視覚フィードバック制御.[計測自動制御学会論文集,30(12),(1994),1505-1511]OGURA Saori, EBINE Takumi, HASHIMOTO Koichi, KIMURA Hidenori
294.Visual Servoing ---Optimal Control Approach---.[日本ロボット学会誌,12(5),(1994),773-778]橋本浩一, 海老根巧, 木村英紀
295.Visual Servoing based on Adaptive Identifier.[1994 Japan/USA Symposium on Flexible Automation,(1994),39-42]K. Hashimoto, T. Inoue and H. Kimura
296.H-infinity Controller Design for Robust Manipulator Control.[1992 Japan/USA Symposium on Flexible Automation 1992,(1993),591-594]K. Hashimoto, M. Kawabata and H. Kimura
297.LQ Optimal and Nonlinear Approaches to Visual Servoing.[World Scientific Series in Robotics and Automated Systems,(7),(1993),165-198]K. Hashimoto and H. Kimura
298.Visual Servoing: Real-Time Control of Robot Manipulators Based on Visual Sensory Feedback.[World Scientific Series in Robotics and Automated Systems,(7),(1993)]K. Hashimoto ed
299.H-infinity Control of Robot with Linearized Model.[日本機械学会論文集,59(566),(1993),3151-3156]川端将司, 橋本浩一, 木村英紀
300.H.INF. Control of Robot with Linearized Model..[日本機械学会論文集 C編,59(566),(1993),3151-3156]川端将司, 橋本浩一, 木村英紀
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