Honours, Awards and Prizes- UCHIDA Yasuo -
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2.The 30th (2013) Inoue Research Award for Young Scientists(2014)
3.APSTJ 28th Annual Conference, Best Presentation Award(2013)
4.AAPS Pharmaceutical Research Meritorious Manuscript Award(2010)
5.8th Cerebral Vascular Biology International Conference, Outstanding Presentation Award(2009)
6.APSTJ 24th Annual Conference, SNPEE Most Impressive Laboratory Award(2009)
7.APSTJ 23rd Annual Conference, Best Presentation Award(2008)
8.7th Cerebral Vascular Biology International Conference, Travel Award(2007)
9.3rd Tohoku University Bioscience Symposium, Best Poster Presentation Award(2006)
10.Tohoku university president prize(2006)
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