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401.High-quality as-grown MgB2 thin-film fabrication at a low temperature using an in-plane-lattice near-matched epitaxial-buffer layer.[JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,96(6), (2004), 3580-3582]O Sakata, S Kimura, M Takata, S Yata, T Kato, K Yamanaka, Y Yamada, A Matsushita, S Kubo
402.Distinctive charge density distributions of perovskite-type antiferroelectric oxides PbZrO3 and PbHfO3 in cubic phase.[JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 1-REGULAR PAPERS BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS & REVIEW PAPERS,43(9B), (2004), 6799-6802]Y Kuroiwa, H Fujiwara, A Sawada, S Aoyagi, E Nishibori, M Sakata, M Takata, H Kawaji, T Atake
403.Crystal structure and dielectric and magnetic properties of BiCrO3 as a ferroelectromagnet.[SOLID STATE IONICS,172(1-4), (2004), 557-559]S Niitaka, M Azuma, M Takano, E Nishibori, M Takata, M Sakata
404.1-D cobalt(II) spin transition compound with strong interchain interaction: [Co(pyterpy)Cl-2]center dot X.[INORGANIC CHEMISTRY,43(14), (2004), 4124-4126]S Hayami, K Hashiguchi, G Juhasz, M Ohba, H Okawa, Y Maeda, K Kato, K Osaka, M Takata, K Inoue
405.Transport and magnetic studies on the spin state transition of Pr1-xCaxCoO3 up to high pressure.[JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN,73(7), (2004), 1987-1997]T Fujita, T Miyashita, Y Yasui, Y Kobayashi, M Sato, E Nishibori, M Sakata, Y Shimojo, N Igawa, Y Ishii, K Kakurai, T Adachi, Y Ohishi, M Takata
406.Dynamical phase transition under photo-excitation in a spin-crossover complex.[JOURNAL OF LUMINESCENCE,108(1-4), (2004), 229-232]Y Moritomo, Y Isobe, XJ Liu, T Kawamoto, A Nakamoto, N Kojima, K Kato, M Takata
407.High-energy x-ray scattering in grazing incidence from nanometer-scale oxide wires.[APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS,84(21), (2004), 4239-4241]O Sakata, M Takata, H Suematsu, A Matsuda, S Akiba, A Sasaki, M Yoshimoto
408.Chemical composition and crystal structure of superconducting sodium cobalt oxide bilayer-hydrate.[JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY,14(9), (2004), 1448-1453]K Takada, K Fukuda, M Osada, Nakai, I, F Izumi, RA Dilanian, K Kato, M Takata, H Sakurai, E Takayama-Muromachi, T Sasaki
409.Anomalous endohedral structure of Gd@C-82 metallofullerenes.[PHYSICAL REVIEW B,69(11), (2004)]E Nishibori, K Iwata, M Sakata, M Takata, H Tanaka, H Kato, H Shinohara
410.New technique to measure the polarization dependence of non-resonant X-ray magnetic scattering.[PHYSICA B-CONDENSED MATTER,345(1-4), (2004), 258-261]H Ohsumi, M Mizumaki, S Kimura, M Takata, H Suematsu
411.Structure analysis of Zn-Mg-Ho icosahedral quasicrystal by modified Rietveld method using ellipsoid and sphere windows.[JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS,334, (2004), 167-172]T Ishimasa, K Oyamada, Y Arichika, E Nishibori, M Takata, M Sakata, K Kato
412.Azafullerene (C59N)(2) thin-film field-effect transistors.[APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS,84(12), (2004), 2154-2156]R Kumashiro, K Tanigaki, H Ohashi, N Tagmatarchis, H Kato, H Shinohara, T Akasaka, K Kato, S Aoyagi, S Kimura, M Takata
413.Studies of capacity losses in cycles and storages for a Li1.1Mn1.9O4 positive electrode.[JOURNAL OF THE ELECTROCHEMICAL SOCIETY,151(1), (2004), A17-A22]M Saitoh, M Sano, M Fujita, M Sakata, M Takata, E Nishibori
414.Stability of magnesite and its high-pressure form in the lowermost mantle.[NATURE,427(6969), (2004), 60-63]M Isshiki, T Irifune, K Hirose, S Ono, Y Ohishi, T Watanuki, E Nishibori, M Takata, M Sakata
415.Quantum chemical study on the configurations of encapsulated metal ions and the molecular vibration modes in endohedral dimetallofullerene La-2@C-80.[JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY,126(1), (2004), 364-369]H Shimotani, T Ito, Y Iwasa, A Taninaka, H Shinohara, E Nishibori, M Takata, M Sakata
416.Low-glancing-angle x-ray diffraction study on the relationship between crystallinity and properties of C-60 field effect transistor.[APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS,84(4), (2004), 520-522]H Ohashi, K Tanigaki, R Kumashiro, S Sugihara, S Hiroshiba, S Kimura, K Kato, M Takata
417.Motion of methanol adsorbed in porous coordination polymer with paramagnetic metal ions.[CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,10(19), (2004), 2152-2153]S Horike, R Matsuda, R Kitaura, S Kitagawa, T Iijima, K Endo, Y Kubota, M Takata
418.Direct observation of bonding and charge ordering in (EDO-TTF)(2)PF6.[ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION,43(28), (2004), 3670-3673]S Aoyagi, K Kato, A Ota, H Yamochi, G Saito, H Suematsu, M Sakata, M Takata
419.Temperature dependence of structures and order parameters in antiferroelectric PbHfO3.[FERROELECTRICS,301, (2004), 139-143]H Fujishita, Y Ishikawa, A Ogawaguchi, K Kato, E Nishibori, M Takata, M Sakata
420.Structures of a single-component palladium complex with extended TTF-type dithiolate ligands, bis(tetrathiafulvalenedithiolato)palladium determined by powder X-ray diffraction.[CHEMISTRY LETTERS,32(12), (2003), 1106-1107]W Suzuki, E Fujiwara, A Kobayashi, Y Fujishiro, E Nishibori, M Takata, M Sakata, Y Okano, H Kobayashi
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