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61.Chondrulelike Objects in Short-Period Comet 81P/Wild 2..[Science,321,(2008),1664-1667]Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Tsuchiyama A., Ushikubo T., Kita N. T., Valley J. W., Zolensky M. E., Kakazu Y., Sakamoto K., Mashio E., Uesugi K., and Nakano T.
62.Yamato 793321 CM chondrite: Dehydrated regolith material of a hydrous asteroid..[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,242,(2006),26-38]Nakamura T.
63.Noble-gas signatures and mineralogy of the carbonate-rich lithology of the Tagish Lake carbonaceous chondrite: Evidence for an accretionary breccia,.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,207,(2003),83-101]Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Zolensky M. E., and Tanaka M.
64.Bulk mineralogy of individual micrometeorites determined by X-ray diffraction analysis and transmission electron microscopy..[Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta,65,(2001),4385-4397]Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Yada T., Nakamuta Y. and Takaoka N.
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