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41.Itokawa dust particles: A direct link between S-type asteroids and ordinary chondrites..[Science,333,(2011),1113-1116]Nakamura T. et al.
42.X-ray diffraction analysis of Itokawa regolith particles returned by Hayabusa space mission.[Photon Factory Activity Report 2010 Part B: Users' Report,208,(2011)](1) Nakamura T., Nakato A., Ogami T., Ishida H., Kakazu Y., Tanaka M., Zolensky M. E.
43.Itokawa dust particles: A direct link between S-type asteroids and ordinary chondrites.[Science,333,(2011),1113-1116]Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Tanaka M., Zolensky M. E., Kimura M., Tsuchiyama A., Nakato A., Ogami T., Ishida H., Uesugi M., Yada T., Shirai K., Fujimura A., Okazaki R., Sandford S. A., Ishibashi Y., Abe M., Okada T., Ueno M., Mukai T., Yoshikawa M., and Kawaguchi J.
44.Incipient space weathering observed on the surface of Itokawa dust.[Science,333,(2011),1121-1125]Noguchi T., Nakamura T., Kimura M., Zolensky M. E., Tanaka M., Hashimoto T., Konno M., Nakato A., Ogami T., Fujimura A., Abe M., Yada T., Mukai T., Ueno M., Okada T., Shirai K., Ishibashi Y., and Okazaki R.
45.Irradiation history of Itokawa regolith material deduced from noble gases in the Hayabusa samples.[Science,333,(2011),1128-1131]Nagao K., Okazak R., Nakamura T., Miura Y. N., Osawa T., Bajo K., Matsuda S., Ebihara M., Ireland T. R., Kitajima F., Naraoka H., Noguchi T., Tsuchiyama A., Uesugi M., Yurimoto H., Zolensky M., Shirai K., Abe M., Yada T., Ishibashi Y., Fujimura A., Mukai T., Ueno M., Okada T., Yoshikawa M., and Kawaguchi J.
46.Three-dimensional structures of Hayabusa sample: Origin and evolution of Itokawa regolith.[Science,333,(2011),1125-1128]Tsuchiyama A., Uesugi M., Matsushima T., Michikami T., Kadono,T. Nakamura T., Uesugi K., Nakano T., Sandford S. A., Noguchi R., Matsumoto T., Matsuno J., Nagano T., Imai Y., Takeuchi A., Suzuki Y., Ogami T., Katagiri J., Ebihara M., Ireland T. R., Kitajima F., Nagao K., Naraoka H., Noguchi T., Okazaki R., Yurimoto H., Zolensky M. E., Mukai T., Abe M., Yada T., Fujimura A., Yoshikawa M., and Kawaguchi J.
47.Neutron Activation Analysis of a Particle Returned from Asteroid Itokawa.[Science,333,(2011),1119-1121]Ebihara M., Sekimoto S., Shirai N., Hamajima Y., Yamamoto M., Kumagai K., Oura Y., Ireland T. R., Kitajima F., Nagao K., Nakamura T., Naraoka H., Noguchi T., Okazaki R., Tsuchiyama A., Uesugi M., Yurimoto H., Zorensly M. E., Abe M., Fujimura A., Mukai T. and Yada T.
48.Oxygen isotopic compositions of asteroidal materials returned from Itokawa by the Hayabusa mission.[Science,333,(2011),1116-1119]Yurimoto H., Abe K., Abe M., Ebihara M., Fujimura A., Hashigichi M., Hashizume, K. Ireland T. R., Itoh S., Katayama J., Kato C., Kawaguchi J., Kawasaki N., Kitajima F., Kobayashi S., Meike T., Mukai T., Nagao K., Nakamura T., Naraoka H., Noguchi T., Okazaki R., Park C., Sakamoto N., Seto Y., Takei M., Tsuchiyama A., Uesugi M., Wakaki S., Yada T., Yamamoto K., Yoshikawa M. and Zolensky M. E.
49.Single grain noble gas analysis of Antarctic micrometeorites by stepwise heating method with a newly constructed miniature furnace.[Earth, Planet and Space,accepted,(2011)]Bajo K., Akaida T., Ohashi N., Noguchi T., Nakamura T., Nakamura Y., Sumino H., and Nagao K.
50.Preliminary organic compound analysis of microparticles returnedfrom Asteroid 25143 Itokawa by the Hayabusa mission.[Geochemical Journal,accepted,(2011)]Naraoka H., Mita H., Hamase K., Mita M., Yabuta H., Saito K., Fukushima K., Kitajima F., Sandford S. A., Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Okazaki R., Nagao K., Ebihara E., Yurimoto H., Tsuchiyama A., Abe M., Shirai K., Ueno M., Yada T., Ishibashi Y., Okada T., Fujimura A., Mukai T., Yoshikawa M., J. Kawaguchi J.
51.Composition and accretion rate of fossil micrometeorites recovered in Middle Triassic deep-sea deposits.[Geology,39,(2011),567-570]Onoue, T., Nakamura, T., Haranosono, T., Yasuda, C.
52.Do meteoroids originated from near-earth asteroid (25143) Itokawa exist?.[Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan,63,(2011),L73-77]Ohtsuka K., Abe S., Ito T., Nakamura T., Abe M., Yano H.
53.Magnetite 3-D Colloidal Crystals Formed in the Early Solar System 4.6 Billion Years Ago.[Journal of the American Chemical Society,133,(2011),8782-8785]Nozawa J., Tsukamoto K., Enckevort W., Nakamura T., Kimura, Y. Miura H.,Satoh H., Nagashima K. and Konoto M.
54.A chondrule captured by space exposed aerogel on the international space station..[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,309,(2011),198-206]Noguchi,T., Nakamura T., Ushikubo T., Kita N. T., Valley J.W.,Yamanaka R., Kimoto Y., and Kitazawa Y.
55.Three-dimensional shapes and Fe contents of Stardust impact tracks: A track formation model and estimation of comet Wild 2 coma dust particle densities..[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,45,(2010),1302-1319]Iida Y., Tsuchiyama A., Kadono T., Sakamoto K., Nakamura T., Uesugi K., Nakano T., and Zolensky M. E.
56.Noble gases in enstatite chondrites released by stepped crushing and heating..[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,45,(2010),339-360]Okazaki R., Takaoka N., Nagao K., and Nakamura T.
57.Heavily fractionated noble gases in an acid residue from the Klein Glacier 98300 EH3 chondrite..[Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta,74,(2010),5134-5149]Nakashima D., Ott U., El Goresy A., and Nakamura T.
58.Carbon polymorphism in shocked meteorites: evidence for new natural ultrahard phases..[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,290,(2010),150-154]Ferroir T. Dubrovinsky L. El Goresy A., Simionovici A., Nakamura T., and Gillet P.
59.Surface morphological features of boulders on asteroid 25143 Itokawa..[Icarus,206,(2010),319-326]Noguchi T., Tsuchiyama A., Hirata N., Nakamura R., Miyamoto H., Demura H., Yano H., Nakamura T., Saito J., Sasaki S., Hashimoto T., Kubota T., Ishiguro M., and Zolensky M. E.
60.A new variant of saponite-rich micrometeorites recovered from recent Anrtarctic snowfall..[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,45,(2010),220-237]Sakamoto K., Nakamura T., Noguchi T., and Tsuchiyama A.
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