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1.On the impact origin of Phobos and Deimos III: Resulting composition from different impactors..[The Astrophysical Journal,853,(2018),118-]Pignatale F. C., Charnoz S., Rosenblatt P., Hyodo R., Nakamura T. and Genda H.
2.Oxygen isotope reservoirs in the outer asteroid belt inferred from oxygen isotope systematics of chondrules, isolated forsterite and olivine grains in Tagish Lake-type carbonaceous chondrites, WIS 91600 and MET 00432..[Polar Science,15,(2017),29-38]Yamanobe M., Nakamura T. and Nakashima D.
3.Formation of an ultracarbonaceous Antarctic micrometeorite through minimum aqueous alteration in a small porous icy body..[Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta,214,(2017),172-190]Yabuta H., Noguchi T., Itoh S., Nakamura T., Tsujimoto S., Sakamoto N., Hashiguchi M., Abe K., Okubo A., Kilcoyne A. L. D., Tachibana S., Okazaki R., Terada K., Ebihara M. and Nagahara H.
4.An evaluation method of reflectance spectra to be obtained by Hayabusa2 Near-Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS3) based on laboratory measurements of carbonaceous chondrites..[Earth, Planet, and Space,69,(2017),120-]Matsuoka M., Nakamura T., Osawa T., Iwata T., Kitasato K., Abe M., Nakauchi Y., Arai T., Kokmatsu M., Hiroi T., Imae N., Yamaguchi A., Kojima H.
5.Variation of mineralogy and organic material during the early stages of aqueous activity recorded in Antarctic micrometeorites..[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,208,(2017),119-144]Noguchi T., Yabuta H., Itoh S., Sakamoto N., Mitsunari T., Okubo A., Okazaki R., Nakamura T., Tachibana S., Terada K., Ebihara M., Imae N., Kimura M., Nagahara H.
6.Thermal Imaging Performance of TIR onboard the Hayabusa2 Spacecraft.[Space Science Reviews,(2017)]Arai T, Nakamura T., Tanaka S., Demura H., Ogawa Y., Senshu H., Fukuhara T., Okada T.
7.Mn–Cr ages and formation conditions of fayalite in CV3 carbonaceous chondrites: Constraints on the accretion ages of chondritic asteroids.[Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta,(2017)]Jogo K., Nakamura T., Ito M., Wakita S., Zolotov Y., Messenger S. R.
8.NIRS3: The Near Infrared Spectrometer on Hayabusa2.[Space Science Reviews,(2017)]Iwata T., Kitazato K., Abe M., Ohtake M., Arai T., Arai T., Hirata N., Hiroi T., Honda C., Imae N., Komatsu M., Matsunaga T., Matsuoka M., Matsuura S., Nakamura T., Nakato A., Nakauchi Y., Osawa T., Senshu H., Takagi Y., Tsumura K., Takato N., Watanabe S., Barucci M. A., Palomba E., Ozaki M.
9.Hayabusa2 sample container: Metal-seal system for vacuum encapsulation of returned samples..[Space Science Reviews,(2016)]Okazaki, R., Sawada, H., Yamanouchi, S., Tachibana, S., Miura, Y. N., Sakamoto, K., Takano, Y., Abe, M., Itoh, S., Yamada, K., Yabuta, H., Okamoto, C., Yano, H., Noguchi, T., Nakamura, T., Nagao, K., the Hayabusa2 SMP team
10.Nanomorphology of Itokawa regolith particles: Application to space-weathering processes affecting the Itokawa asteroid.[Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta,(2016)]Matsumoto, T., Tsuchiyama, A., Uesugi, K., Nakano, T., Uesugi, M., Matsuno, J., Nagano, T., Shimada, A., Takeuchi, A., Suzuki, Y., Nakamura, T., Nakamura, M., Gucsik, A., Nagaki, K., Sakaiya, T., Kondo T.
11.Nanomorphology of Itokawa regolith particles: Application to space-weathering processes affecting the Itokawa asteroid.[Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta,187,(2016),195-217]Matsumoto T., Tsuchiyama A., Uesugi K., Nakano T., Uesugi M., Matsuno J., Nagano T., Shimada A., Takeuchi A., Suzuki Y., Nakamura T., Nakamura M., Gucsik A., Nagaki K., Sakaiya T. and Kondo T.
12.火の鳥「はやぶさ」未来編 その10 ~地球からの小惑星物質回収~ 遊星人.[日本惑星学会誌,25,(2016),13-18]中村 智樹,イ ジョンイク,パク チャンクン,長尾 敬介
13.Detectability of hydrous minerals using ONC-T camera onboard the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft.[Advances in Space Research,56(7),(2015),1519-1524]Kameda S., Suzuki H., Cho Y., Koga S., Yamada S., Nakamura T., Hiroi T., Sawada H., Honda R., Morota T., Honda C., Takei A., Takamatsu K., Okumura Y., Sato M., Yasuda T., Shibasaki K., Ikezawa S. and Sugita S.
14.Mineralogy and noble-gas isotopes of micrometeorites collected from Antarctic snow.[Earth, Planets and Space,67(90),(2015),1-17]Okazaki R., Noguchi T., Tshujimoto S., Tobimatsu Y., Nakamura T., Ebihara M., Ito S., Nagahara H., Tachibana S., Terada K., and Yabuta H.
15.Pulse-laser irradiation experiments of Murchison CM2 chondrite for reproducing space weathering on C-type asteroids.[Icarus,254,(2015),135-143]Matsuoka M., Nakamura T., Kimura Y., Hiroi T., Nakamura R., Okumura S., Sasaki S.
16.Chemical and mineralogical compositions of two grains recovered from asteroid Itokawa.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,50,(2015),243-254]Ebihara M., Shirai N., Sekimoto S., Nakamura T., Tsuchiyama A., Matsuno J., Matsumoto T., Abe M., Fujimura A., Mukai T., Uesugi M., and Yada T.
10.1111/maps. 12418
17.Cometary dust in Antarctic ice and snow: Past and present chondritic porous micrometeorites preserved on the Earth's surface.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,410,(2015),1-11]Noguchi T., Ohashi N., Tsujimoto S., Mitsunari T., Bradley. P. J, Nakamura T., Toh S., Stephan T., Iwata N., Imae N.
18.The formation and evolution of ordinary chondrite parent bodies.[In Asteroids IV,(2015),617-634]Vernazza P., Zanda B., Nakamura T., Scott E., and Russell S.
19.Mineralogy and petrography of C asteroid regolith: The Sutter's Mill CM meteorite.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,49(11),(2014),1997-2016]Zolensky M. E., Mikouchi T., Fries M., Bodnar R., Jenniskens P., Yin Q., Hagiya K., Ohsumi K.,Komatsu M., Colbert M., Hanna R., Maisano J., Ketcham R. Nakamura T., Matsuoka M., Sasaki S., Tsuchiyama A., Gounelle M., Le L., Martinez J., Ross K., and Rahman Z.
20.Mineralogy of four Itokawa particles collected from the first touchdown site.[Earth, Planets and Space,66,(2014),124-]Noguchi T., Bridges C. J., Hicks J. L., Gurman J. S., Kimura M., Hashimoto T., Konno M., Bradley P. J., Okazaki R., Uesugi M., Yada T., Karouji Y., Abe M., Okada T., Mitsunari T., Nakamura T., Kagi H.
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