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21.[O] Investigation of cutting methods for small samples of Hayabusa and future sample return missions.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,49(7),(2014),1186-1201]Uesugi M., Noguchi R., Matsumoto T., Matsuno J., Nagano T., Tsuchiyama A., Harada S., Yokoyam K., Yodo Y., Takeda N., Yada T., Yakame S., Karouji Y., Ishibashi Y., Abe M., Okada T., Fujimura A., Ebihara M., Kitajima F., Nagao K., Nakamura T., Naraoka H., Noguchi T., Okazaki R. and Yurimoto H.
22.[O] Sylvite and halite on particles recovered from 25143 Itokawa: Salts on Itokawa?.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,49,(2014),1305-1314]Noguchi T., Kimura M., Hashimoto T., Konno M., Nakamura T., Zolensky M. E., Tsuchiyama A., Matsumoto T., Matsuno J., Okazaki R., Uesugi M., Karouji Y., Yada T., Ishibashi Y., Shirai K., Abe M., and Okada T.
23.[O] Three-dimensional microstructure of samples recovered from asteroid 25143 Itokawa: Comparison with LL5 and LL6 chondrite particles.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Article first published online,49,(2014),172-187]Tsuchiyama A., Uesugi M., Uesugi K., Nakano T., Noguchi R., Matsumoto T., J. Matsuno, Nagano T., Imai Y., Shimada A., Takeuchi A., Suzuki Y., Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Abe M., Yada T. and Fujimura A.
24.[O] Crystallization temperature determination of Itokawa particles by plagioclase thermometry with X-ray diffraction data obtained by a high-resolution synchrotron Gandolfi camera.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,49,(2014),237-244]Tanaka M., Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Nakato A., Ishida H., Yada T., Shirai K., Fujimura A., Ishibashi Y., Abe M., Okada T., Ueno M., and Mukai T.
25.[O] Mineral chemistry of MUSES-C Regio inferred from analysis of dust particles collected from the first and second touchdown sites on asteroid Itokawa.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,49(2),(2014),215-227]Nakamura T., Nakato A., Ishida H., Wakita S., Noguchi T., Zolensky M. E., Tanaka M., Kimura M., Tsuchiyama A., Ogami T., Hashimoto T., Konnno M. Uesugi M., Yada T., Shirai K., Fujimura A., Okazaki R., Sandford S. A., Ishibashi Y., Abe M., Okada T., Ueno M., and Kawaguchi J.
26.[O] Petrographic, chemical and spectroscopic evidence for thermal metamorphism in carbonaceous chondrites I: CI and CM chondrites.[Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta,126,(2014),284-306]Tonui E., Zolensky M. E., Hiroi T., Nakamura T., Lipschutz M. E.,Wang M., and Okudaira K.
27.[O] Effects of pressure and temperature on the silicon diffusivity of pyrope-rich garnet.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,226,(2014),28-38]Shimojuku,A., Kubo T., Kato T., Yoshino T., Nishi M., Nakamura T., Okazaki R., Kakazu Y.
28.[O] Impacts on airless objects under microgravity and possible related structures in Itokawa asteroid sample.[Horizons in World Physics, Reimer, A. (Ed), Nova Science Publishers,282,(2014),21-36]Kereszturi A., Gucsik A., Nakamura T., Nishido H., Ninagawa K., Kayama M.
29.[O] Fast rotation of a Sub-km-sized near-earth object 2011 XA3.[Astrophysical Journal,147,(2014),121-128]Urakawa S., Ohtsuka K., Abe S., Ito T., and Nakamura T.
30.[O] Chelyabinsk Airburst, Damage Assessment, Meteorite Recovery and Characterization.[Science,342(6162),(2013),1069-1073]Popova O. P., Jenniskens P., Emel'yanenko V., Kartashova A.,Biryukov E., Khaibrakhmanov S., Shuvalov V., Rybnov Y., Dudorov A., Grokhovsky V. I., Badyukov D. D., Yin Q., Gural P. S., Albers J., Granvik M., Evers L. G., Kuiper J., Kharlamov V., Solovyov A., Rusakov Y. S., Korotkiy S., Serdyuk I., Korochantsev A. V., Larionov M. Y., Glazachev D., Mayer A. E., Gisler G., Gladkovsky S. V., Wimpenny J., Sanborn M. E., Yamakawa A., Verosub L. L., Rowland D. J., Roeske S., Botto N. W., Friedrich J. M., Zolensky M., Le L., Ross D., Ziegler K., Nakamura T., Ahn I., Lee J. K., Zhou Q, Li X., Li Q., Liu Y., Tang G., Hiroi T., Sears D., Weinstein I. A., Vokhmintsev A. S., Ishchenko A. V., Schmitt-Kopplin P., Hertkorn N., Nagao K., Haba M. K., Komatsu M., and Mikouchi T. and the Chelyabinsk Airburst Consortium
31.[O] Thermal Modeling for a Parent Body of Itokawa.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Article first published online,49,(2013),228-236]Wakita S., Nakamura T., Ikeda T. and Yurimoto H.
32.[O] Oxygen three-isotope ratios of silicate particles returned from asteroid Itokawa by the Hayabusa spacecraft: A strong link with equilibrated LL chondritesz.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,379,(2013),127-136]Nakashima D., Kita N. T., Ushikubo T., Noguchi T., Nakamura T., and Valley J. W.
33.[O] Hayabusa return sample curation in the Planetary Material Sample Curation Facility of JAXA.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science、Article first published online,(2013)]Yada T., Fujimura A., Abe M., Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Okazaki R., Nagao K., Ishibashi Y., Shirai K., Zokensky M. E., Sandford S., Okada T., Uesugi M., Karouji Y., Ogawa M., Yakame S., Ueno M., Mukai T., Yoshikawa M., and Kawaguchi J
34.[O] Space weathered rims found on the surfaces of the Itokawa dust particles.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science, Article first published online,49,(2013),188-214]Noguchi T., Kimura M., Hashimoto T., Konno M., Nakamura T., Zolensky M. E., Okazaki R., Tanaka M., Tsuchiyama A., Nakato A., Ogami T., Ishida H., Sagae R., Tsujimoto S., Matsumoto T., Matsuno J., Fujimura A., Abe M, Yada T., Mukai T., Ueno M., Okada T., Shirai K., and Ishibashi Y
35.[O] Heavily metamorphosed clasts from the CV chondrite breccias Mokoia and Yamato-86009.[Meteoritics and Planetary Science,47,(2013),2251-2268]Jogo K., Nagashima K., Hutcheon I. D., Krot A. N., and Nakamura T
36.[O] Vortex magnetic structure in framboidal magnetite reveals existence of water droplets in an ancient asteroid.[Nature communications,4:2649,(2013)]Kimura Y., Sato T.,Nakamura N., Nozawa J., Nakamura T., Tsukamoto K. and Yamamoto K.
37.[B] 地球と宇宙の化学事典.[朝倉書店,(2012)]蒲生俊敬、海老原充など
38.[O] Diverse mineralogical and isotope signatures recorded in CV3 carbonaceous chondrites.[Polar Science,6,(2012),252-262]Ishida H., Nakamura T., Miura H., and Kakazu Y.
39.[O] Analytical dual-energy microtomography: A new method for obtaining three-dimensional mineral phase images and its application to Hayabusa samples.[Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta,116,(2012),5-16]Tsuchiyama A., Nakano T., Uesugi K., Uesugi M., Takeuchi A., Suzuki Y., Noguchi R., Matsumoto T., Matsuno J., Nagano T., Imai Y., Nakamura T., Ogami T., Noguchi T., Abe M., Yada T., Fujimura A
40.[O] Deep-sea record of impact apparently unrelated to mass extinction in the Late Triassic.[Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,109,(2012),19134-19139]Onoue T., Sato H., Nakamura T., Noguchi T., Hidaka Y., Shirai N., Ebihara M., Osawa T., Hatsukawa Y., Toh Y., Koizumi M., Harada H.,Orchard M. J., and Nedachi M
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