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1.Online Algorithms for Constructing Linear-Size Suffix Trie.[30th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, CPM 2019,(2019),30:1-30:19]Diptarama Hendrian,Takuya Takagi,Shunsuke Inenaga
2.Permuted Pattern Matching Algorithms on Multi-Track Strings..[Algorithms,12(4),(2019),73:1-73:20]Diptarama Hendrian,Yohei Ueki,Kazuyuki Narisawa,Ryo Yoshinaka,Ayumi Shinohara
3.Linear-Time Online Algorithm Inferring the Shortest Path from a Walk.[String Processing and Information Retrieval - 25th International Symposium, SPIRE 2018,(2018),311-324]Shintaro Narisada,Diptarama Hendrian,Ryo Yoshinaka,Ayumi Shinohara
4.Truncated DAWGs and Their Application to Minimal Absent Word Problem..[String Processing and Information Retrieval - 25th International Symposium, SPIRE 2018,(2018),139-152]Yuta Fujishige,Takuya Takagi,Diptarama Hendrian
5.Enumeration of Cryptarithms Using Deterministic Finite Automata.[Implementation and Application of Automata,(2018),286-298]Yuki Nozaki, Diptarama Hendrian, Ryo Yoshinaka, Ayumi Shinohara
6.Efficient Dynamic Dictionary Matching with DAWGs and AC-automata.[Theoretical Computer Science,(2018)]Diptarama Hendrian, Shunsuke Inenaga, Ryo Yoshinaka, Ayumi Shinohara
7.New Variants of Pattern Matching with Constants and Variables.[SOFSEM 2018: Theory and Practice of Computer Science,(2018),611-623]Yuki Igarashi, Diptarama, Ryo Yoshinaka, Ayumi Shinohara
8.Duel and Sweep Algorithm for Order-Preserving Pattern Matching.[SOFSEM 2018: Theory and Practice of Computer Science,(2018),624-635]Davaajav Jargalsaikhan, Diptarama, Yohei Ueki, Ryo Yoshinaka, Ayumi Shinohara
9.An efficient query learning algorithm for zero-suppressed binary decision diagrams.[28th International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory,76,(2017),360-371]Mizumoto Hayato, Todoroki Shota, Diptarama, Yoshinaka Ryo, Shinohara Ayumi
10.Position Heaps for Parameterized Strings.[28th Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching, CPM 2017,(2017),8:1-8:13]Array,Takashi Katsura,Yuhei Otomo,Kazuyuki Narisawa,Ayumi Shinohara
11.Analysis of laboratories electrical energy consumption by visualization for saving electrical energy.[International Journal of Institutional Research and Management,1(1),(2017),53-66]Sato Ichinari, Diptarama, Chubachi Kaizaburo, Yoshinaka Ryo, Shinohara Ayumi
12.Computing Longest Single-arm-gapped Palindromes in a String.[SOFSEM 2017: Theory and Practice of Computer Science - 43rd International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science,(2017),375-386]Shintaro Narisada,Array,Kazuyuki Narisawa,Shunsuke Inenaga,Ayumi Shinohara
13.Longest Common Subsequence in at Least k Length Order-Isomorphic Substrings.[SOFSEM 2017: Theory and Practice of Computer Science - 43rd International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science,(2017),363-374]Yohei Ueki,Array,Masatoshi Kurihara,Yoshiaki Matsuoka,Kazuyuki Narisawa,Ryo Yoshinaka,Hideo Bannai,Shunsuke Inenaga,Ayumi Shinohara
14.Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods on SPiCe.[International Conference on Grammatical Inference,(2016),149-153]Sato Ichinari, Chubachi Kaizaburo, Diptarama
15.AC-Automaton Update Algorithm for Semi-dynamic Dictionary Matching..[23rd International Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval , SPIRE 2016,(2016),110-121]Diptarama, Ryo Yoshinaka, Ayumi Shinohara
16.Fast Full Permuted Pattern Matching Algorithms on Multi-track Strings.[Prague Stringology Conference 2016,(2016),7-21]Diptarama, Ryo Yoshinaka, Shinohara Ayumi
17.Visualization and analysis of electrical energy consumption in laboratories.[5th IIAI International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics, IIAI-AAI 2016,(2016),509-512]Sato Ichinari, Diptarama, Shinohara Ayumi
18.QBF encoding of generalized tic-Tac-Toe.[CEUR Workshop Proceedings,1719,(2016),14-26]Diptarama, Yoshinaka R, Shinohara A.
19.KMP based pattern matching algorithms for multi-track strings.[CEUR Workshop Proceedings,1548,(2016),100-107]Diptarama, Ueki Y, Narisawa K, Shinohara A.
20.Drawing strategies for generalized tic-Tac-Toe (p, q).[AIP Conference Proceedings,1705,(2015)]Diptarama, Narisawa K, Shinohara A.
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