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1.Dynamics of 2D Glass - Infinite Logarithmic Fluctuation and Inherent Relaxation -.[Japan Physical Society Butsuri,72(10), (2017), 717-722]Hayato Shiba
2.Coarse-Grained Simulation of Surfactant Membrane.[Activity Report 2013 of ISSP Supercomputer Center, (2014)]Hayato Shiba and Hiroshi Noguchi
3.Coarse-Grained Molecular Simulation of Structure formation of Surfactant Membranes.[The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan Ensemble (MSSJ Bulletin),16(1), (2014), 59-64]Hayato Shiba, Hiroshi Noguchi
4.Studies on heterogeneities in 2D particle systems: Structural disorder and dynamics.[The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan Ensemble (MSSJ Bulletin),13(3), (2011), 139-144]Hayato Shiba
5.Anomalous Heat Conduction in Three-Dimensional Crystal via Lattice Vibration (2006 Master Thesis).[Bussei Kenkyu Editorial Office Bussei Kenkyu (Kyoto),89(3), (2007), 417-445]Hayato Shiba
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