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21.[O] Structural and dynamical heterogeneities in two-dimensional melting.[EPL,86(6),(2009),66004-]Shiba, H. Onuki, A. Araki, T.
22.[O] Long-Time Tail Problem and Anomalous Transport in Three-Dimensional Nonlinear Lattices.[PROGRESS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS SUPPLEMENT,(178),(2009),79-85]Shiba, Hayato Ito, Nobuyasu
23.[O] Anomalous heat conduction in three-dimensional nonlinear lattices.[JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN,77(5),(2008),054006-]Shiba, Hayato Ito, Nobuyasu
24.[O] Plastic flow in polycrystal states in a binary mixture.[Physical Review E,77(4 1),(2008),042501-]Hamanaka, Toshiyuki Shiba, Hayato Onuki, Akira
25.[R] Anomalous Heat Conduction in Three-Dimensional Crystal via Lattice Vibration (2006 Master Thesis).[Bussei Kenkyu Editorial Office Bussei Kenkyu (Kyoto),89(3), (2007), 417-445]Hayato Shiba
26.[O] Elastic convection in vibrated viscoplastic fluids.[Physical Review Letters,98(4),(2007),044501-]Shiba, Hayato Ruppert-Felsot, Jori E. Takahashi, Yoshiki Murayama, Yoshihiro Qi Ouyang Sano, Masaki
27.[O] Divergent thermal conductivity in three-dimensional nonlinear lattices.[JOURNAL OF THE PHYSICAL SOCIETY OF JAPAN,75(10),(2006),103001-]Shiba, Hayato Yukawa, Satoshi Ito, Nobuyasu
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