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1.[O] Local Density Fluctuation Governs the Divergence of Viscosity underlying Elastic and Hydrodynamic Anomalies in a 2D Glass-Forming Liuqid.[Physical Review Letters,123(6),(2019),265501-]Hayato Shiba, Takeshi Kawasaki, Kang Kim
2.[O] Molecular dynamics study of mesophase transitions upon annealing of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with long-alkyl chains.[Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,20(15),(2018),9796-9805]Hailong Peng, Momoji Kubo, Hayato Shiba
3.[O] Isolating long-wavelength fluctuation from the structural relaxation in two-dimensional glass: cage-relative displacement.[Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter,(2018)]Hayato Shiba, Peter Keim, Takeshi Kawasaki
4.[O] Continuum limit of the vibrational properties of amorphous solids.[Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,114(46),(2017),E9767-E9774]Mizuno, Hideyuki Shiba, Hayato Ikeda, Atsushi
5.[R] Dynamics of 2D Glass - Infinite Logarithmic Fluctuation and Inherent Relaxation -.[Japan Physical Society Butsuri,72(10), (2017), 717-722]Hayato Shiba
6.[O] Erratum: Relationship between bond-breakage correlations and four-point correlations in heterogeneous glassy dynamics: Configuration changes and vibration modes (vol 86, 041504, 2012).[Physical Review E,95(6),(2017),069901-]Shiba, Hayato Kawasaki, Takeshi Onuki, Akira
7.[O] Unveiling Dimensionality Dependence of Glassy Dynamics: 2D Infinite Fluctuation Eclipses Inherent Structural Relaxation.[Physical Review Letters,117(24),(2016),245701-]Shiba, Hayato Yamada, Yasunori Kawasaki, Takeshi Kim, Kang
8.[O] Rheological evaluation of colloidal dispersions using the smoothed profile method: formulation and applications.[JOURNAL OF FLUID MECHANICS,792,(2016),590-619]Molina, John J. Otomura, Kotaro Shiba, Hayato Kobayashi, Hideki Sano, Masaki Yamamoto, Ryoichi
9.[O] Monte Carlo study of the frame, fluctuation and internal tensions of fluctuating membranes with fixed area.[Soft Matter,12(8),(2016),2373-2380]Shiba, Hayato Noguchi, Hiroshi Fournier, Jean-Baptiste
10.[R] Coarse-Grained Simulation of Surfactant Membrane.[Activity Report 2013 of ISSP Supercomputer Center, (2014)]Hayato Shiba and Hiroshi Noguchi
11.[R] Coarse-Grained Molecular Simulation of Structure formation of Surfactant Membranes.[The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan Ensemble (MSSJ Bulletin),16(1), (2014), 59-64]Hayato Shiba, Hiroshi Noguchi
12.[O] Spatiotemporal heterogeneity of local free volumes in highly supercooled liquid.[The Journal of Chemical Physics,139(18),(2013),184502-]Shiba, Hayato Kawasaki, Takeshi
13.[O] Structure formation of surfactant membranes under shear flow.[The Journal of Chemical Physics,139(1),(2013),014702-]Shiba, Hayato Noguchi, Hiroshi Gompper, Gerhard
14.[O] Hierarchical heterogeneous glassy dynamics of configuration changes and vibration modes.[AIP Conference Proceedings,1518,(2013),784-791]Takeshi Kawasaki, Hayato Shiba and Akira Onuki
15.[O] Mechanical properties and microdomain separation of fluid membranes with anchored polymers.[Soft Matter,9(41),(2013),9907-9917]Wu, Hao Shiba, Hayato Noguchi, Hiroshi
16.[O] Relationship between bond-breakage correlations and four-point correlations in heterogeneous glassy dynamics: Configuration changes and vibration modes.[Physical Review E,86(4 1),(2012),041504-]Shiba, Hayato Kawasaki, Takeshi Onuki, Akira
17.[O] Estimation of the bending rigidity and spontaneous curvature of fluid membranes in simulations.[Physical Review E,84(3 1),(2011),031926-]Shiba, Hayato Noguchi, Hiroshi
18.[R] Studies on heterogeneities in 2D particle systems: Structural disorder and dynamics.[The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan Ensemble (MSSJ Bulletin),13(3), (2011), 139-144]Hayato Shiba
19.[O] Plastic deformations in crystal, polycrystal, and glass in binary mixtures under shear: Collective yielding.[Physical Review E,81(5 1),(2010),051501-]Shiba, Hayato Onuki, Akira
20.[O] Jammed Particle Configurations and Dynamics in High-Density Lennard-Jones Binary Mixtures in Two Dimensions.[PROGRESS OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS SUPPLEMENT,(184),(2010),232-247]Shiba, Hayato Onuki, Akira
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