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1.Rice ecosystem services in South-east Asia.[Paddy and Water Environment,16,(2018),211-224]Josef Settele et al.
2.Are They Still Here, or Have They Disappeared? Tsunami-associated Place Names Listed in Soshin Yamana's Iwate Engan Kochimeikou: zen.[地理科学 = Geographical sciences,72(4),(2017),223-246]村中 亮夫, 谷端 郷, 塚本 章宏, 花岡 和聖, 磯田 弦
3."Iwate Engan Kochimeikou" written by Soshin YAMANA : Bibliography and its contents.[歴史地理学 = The Historical geography,59(2),(2017),27-42]谷端 郷, 村中 亮夫, 塚本 章宏, 花岡 和聖, 磯田 弦
4.Disaster Science and Information Technology:2. Geographic Information System and Reconstruction Planning from the Great East Japan Earthquake : Introduction to Geodesign.[情報処理,57(3),(2016),230-233]花岡 和聖, 磯田 弦, 杉安 和也
7.Examining the effects of land use zoning on land price with geographically weighted regression.[Geographical Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan University,50,(2015),81-88]Yuzuru ISODA
8.A Description of Tourism Businesses Emerging Through Ethnic Tourism Development: The Case of Lao Chai Commune in Northern Vietnam.[Asia Pacific World,6(2),(2015),103-123]Yotsumoto Y, Kanda T, Nguyen NH, Nguyen VH, Kim DC, Isoda Y
9.メッシュ統計と地理的加重回帰を用いた食品スーパーの立地確率の算出 (特集 空間科学と統計モデル).[統計,65(8),(2014),16-21]磯田 弦, 渡邉 俊介
11.北部ベトナム・サパにおける少数民族の棚田開発と耕作の現状.[日本の原風景・棚田,15,(2014),61-72]神田竜也、グエン ホー ヌー、グエン ホー バン、四本幸夫、金どぅ哲、磯田弦
12.Creation of Kyoto Street Contents for Digital Museum.[Technical report of IEICE. Multimedia and virtual environment,112(386),(2013),281-285]Tanaka Satoshi, Nakata Susumu, Mampuku Koji, Isoda Yuzuru
13.Creation of Kyoto Street Contents for Digital Museum.[Technical report of IEICE. PRMU,112(385),(2013),281-285]Tanaka Satoshi, Nakata Susumu, Mampuku Koji, Isoda Yuzuru
16.Publishing three-dimensional city models on the web.[Commun. Comput. Info. Sci.,326 CCIS(PART 1),(2012),322-330]Sato, K, Yamamura, H, Tsukamoto, A, Isoda, Y, Nakata, S, Tanaka, S
17.3次元都市モデルの自動生成―Google Earth 上で江戸時代京都z1の可視化―.[情報処理学会・人文科学とコンピュータシンポジウム「じんもんこん2011」論文集,2011,(2011),299-306]満福講次,山本真嗣,平部敬士,磯田弦,塚本章宏,長谷川恭子,仲田晋,田中覚
18.3 次元都市モデルの自動生成 -Google Earth 上で江戸時代京都の可視化-.[じんもんこん2011論文集,2011(8),(2011),299-306]満福 講次, 平部 敬士, 塚本 章宏, 仲田 晋, 山本 真嗣, 磯田 弦, 長谷川 恭子, 田中 覚
19.Verification of robust regression approach in land use classification without ground data: a case of terraced paddy development in Sapa, Vietnam.[地理情報システム講演論文集20,(2011)]Isoda Y, Hoang TTH, Nguyen AT, Kim DC
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