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1.Simpler Method for Acquiring Quantitative State-of-Charge Distribution of Lithium-Ion Battery Cathode with High Accuracy.[Journal of The Electrochemical Society,166(10),(2019),A1972-A1976]S. Imashuku1,H. Taguchi, T. Kawamata, H. Yorifuji, S. Fujieda, S. Kashiwakura, K. Shinoda, S. Suzuki and K. Wagatsuma
2.The Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy on the Elementally-Based Sorting of Metal Scrap.[光学,48(1),(2019),31-38]柏倉 俊介
3.Optimization of Partial-least-square Regression for Determination of Manganese in Low-alloy Steel by Single-shot Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.[ISIJ International,58(9),(2018),1705-1710]Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Kazuaki Wagatsuma
4.Quantitative lithium mapping of lithium-ion battery cathode using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.[Journal of Power Sources,399,(2018),186-191]Susumu Imashuku, Hiroyuki Taguchi, Toru Kawamata, Shun Fujieda, Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Shigeru Suzuki, Kazuaki Wagatsuma
5.走査レーザー誘起プラズマ発光分析法による化成処理アルミニウム合金の表面皮膜の面方向分析.[鉄と鋼,104(7),(2018),12-16]中畑翔子, 柏倉俊介, 我妻和明
6.Observation of reaction distribution in electrodes of lithium-ion battery using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.[ALC'17 Proceedings,(2017)]H. Taguchi, S. Imashuku, S. Kashiwakura, K. Wagatsuma, S. Fujieda, T. Kawamata, S. SuzukiKASHIWAKURA Shunsuke
7.Fundamental Study on Ablation Sampling of Fe-based Binary Alloys in Laser-induced Breakdown Optical Emission Spectrometry.[Anal. Sci.,33(3),(2017),343-349]Zhang, Xinyue Kashiwakura, Shunsuke Wagatsuma, Kazuaki
8.Quantitative distribution analysis of alumina inclusion particles in ferritic stainless steels by using laser-induced breakdown optical emission spectrometry.[Surface and Interface Analysis,(2017)]Syoko Nakahata, Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Kazuaki Wagatsuma
9.Rapid Sorting of Stainless Steels by Open-air Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy with Detecting Chromium, Nickel, and Molybdenum.[ISIJ International,55(11),(2015),2391-2396]Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Kazuaki Wagatsuma
10.Three-dimensional Distribution Analysis of Alumina Inclusions by Using Laser-induced Breakdown Plasma-Optical Emission Spectrometry in Single-shot Scanning Mode.[Bunseki Kagaku,64(1),(2015),35-41]Kasahara, Gaku Kashiwakura, Shunsuke Wagatsuma, Kazuaki
11.The Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy on the Elementally-Based Sorting of Steel Scrap.[Thre review of Laser Engineering,42(12),(2014),908-912]柏倉俊介、我妻和明
12.Characteristics of the Calibration Curves of Copper for the Rapid Sorting of Steel Scrap by Means of Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy under Ambient Air Atmospheres.[Analytical Sciences,(2013)]Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Kazuaki Wagatsuma
13.Dissolution of Rare Earth Elements from Coal Fly Ash Particles in a Dilute H2SO4 Solvent.[Open Journal of Physical Chemistry,(2013)]Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Yuichi Kumagai, Hiroshi Kubo, Kazuaki Wagatsuma
14.Comparative Studies on the Excitation Mechanism of Fe II Lines in Low Pressure Laser-Induced Plasma of Argon and Neon.[Spectroscopy Letters,16(1),(2013),1-12]L. Zhang, S. Kashiwakura, K. Wagatsuma
15.Emission Characteristics of Copper Ionic Lines from the 3d95s-3d94p Transition in a Low-pressure Laser-induced Plasma.[Key Engineering Materials,508,(2012),331-340]L. Zhang, S. Kashiwakura, K. Wagatsuma
16.Deviation from Boltzmann distribution in excited energy levels of singly-ionized iron in an argon glow discharge plasma for atomic emission spectrometry.[Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy,67,(2012),24-31]L. Zhang, S. Kashiwakura, K. Wagatsuma
17.Recovery of rare-earth elements from coal fly ash particles generated from coal-fired electric power stations with the aid of Acid Washing Process.[Sardinia 2011 Proceedings – Thirteenth International Waste management and Landfill Symposium,(2011)]柏倉俊介、熊谷祐一、我妻和明
18.Boltzmann statistical consideration on the excitation mechanism of iron atomic lines emitted from glow discharge plasmas.[Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy,66(11-12),(2011),785-792]L. Zhang, S. Kashiwakura, K. Wagatsuma
19.Dissolution behavior of selenium from coal fly ash into dilute H2SO4 solvent for the development of acid washing process.[Chemposphere,(2011)]S. Kashiwakura, H. Ohno, Y. Kumagai, H. Kubo, K. Matsubae, T. Nagasaka
20.Vaporization behavior of boron from standard coals in the early stage of combustion.[Fuel,90(4),(2011),1408-1415]Shunsuke Kashiwakura, Takafumi Takahashi, and Tetsuya Nagasaka
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