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1.[O] On divergence of expectations of the Feynman-Kac type with singular potentials.[Journal of Mathematical Society of Japan,68(3),(2016),1271-1296]Yuu Hariya, Kaname Hasegawa
2.[O] A pathwise interpretation of the Gorin-Shkolnikov identity.[Electronic Communications in Probability,21(52),(2016),1-6]Yuu Hariya
3.[O] On an extension of the Brascamp-Lieb inequality.[RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu,B59,(2016),85-100]Yuu Hariya
4.[O] Some asymptotic formulae for Bessel process.[Markov Processes and Related Fields,21(2),(2015),293-316]Yuu Hariya
5.[O] A connection of the Brascamp-Lieb inequality with Skorokhod embedding.[Electronic Communications in Probability,19(61),(2014),1-12]Yuu Hariya
6.[O] Stochastic ranking process with time dependent intensities.[Tohoku Mathematical Journal,63(1),(2011),77-111]Yuu Hariya, Kumiko Hattori, Tetsuya Hattori, Yukio Nagahata, Yuusuke Takeshima, Takahisa Kobayashi
7.[O] Wiener integrals for centered powers of Bessel processes. I.[Markov Processes and Related Fields,13(1),(2007),21-56]Tadahisa Funaki, Yuu Hariya, Marc Yor
8.[O] On some Fourier aspects of the construction of certain Wiener integrals.[Stochastic Processes and their Applications,117(1),(2007),1-22]Tadahisa Funaki, Yuu Hariya, Francis Hirsch, Marc Yor
9.[O] Integration by parts formulae for Wiener measures restricted to subsets in Rd.[Journal of Functional Analysis,239(2),(2006),594-610]Yuu Hariya
10.[O] A time-change approach to Kotani's extension of Yor's formula.[Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan,58(1),(2006),129-151]Yuu Hariya
11.[O] Wiener integrals for centered Bessel and related processes. II.[ALEA. Latin American Journal of Probability and Mathematical Statistics,1,(2006),225-240]Tadahisa Funaki, Yuu Hariya, Marc Yor
12.[O] On the construction of Wiener integrals with respect to certain pseudo-Bessel processes.[Stochastic Processes and their Applications,116(12),(2006),1690-1711]Tadahisa Funaki, Yuu Hariya, Francis Hirsch, Marc Yor
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