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1.[O] Coulomb Correlations Intertwined with Spin and Orbital Excitations in LaCoO3.[Phys. Rev. Lett.,119,(2017),196401-1-035154-4]K. Tomiyasu, J. Okamoto, H. Y. Huang, Z. Y. Chen, E. P. Sinaga, W. B. Wu, Y. Y. Chu, A. Singh, R.-P. Wang, F. M. F. de Groot, A. Chainani, S. Ishihara, C. T. Chen, and D. J. Huang
2.[O] Quantum-disordered state of magnetic and electric dipoles in an organic Mott system.[Nature Communication,8,(2017),1821-1-1821-6]M. Shimozawa, K. Hashimoto, A. Ueda, Y. Suzuki, K. Sugii, S. Yamada, Y. Imai, R. Kobayashi, K. Itoh, S. Iguchi, M. Naka, S. Ishihara, H. Mori, T. Sasaki and M. Yamashita
3.[O] Double-Exchange Interaction in Optically Induced Nonequilibrium State: A Conversion from Ferromagnetic to Antiferromagnetic Structure.[Phys. Rev. Lett.,119,(2017),207202-1-207202-4]Atsushi Ono and Sumio Ishihara
4.[O] Photoinduced charge-order melting dynamics in a one-dimensional interacting Holstein model.[Phys. Rev. B,96,(2017),035154-1-035154-11]H. Hashimoto and S. Ishihara
5.[O] Polarization selectivity of charge localization induced by 7-fs nearly single-cycle light-field in an organic meta.[Phys. Rev. B,95,(2017),201105(R)-1--201105(R)-5]Y. Kawakami, Y. Yoneyama, T. Amano, H. Itoh, K. Yamamoto, Y. Nakamura, H. Kishida, T. Sasaki, S. Ishihara, Y. Tanaka, K. Yonemitsu, and S. Iwai
6.[O] Spin and charge fluctuations near metal-insulator transition in dimer-type molecular solid.[J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.,86,(2017),053701-1-053701-5]N. Sato, T. Watanabe, M. Naka, S. Ishihara
7.[O] Optical suppression of electron motion in low-dimensional correlated electron system.[Phys. Rev. B,95,(2017),085123-1-085123-5]A. Ono, H. Hashimoto, and S. Ishihara
8.[B] Resonant x-ray scattering in correlated systems.[Springer-Verlag,(2017)]S. Ishihara Y. Murakami and S. Ishihara (Eds.)
9.[O] Pulse excitation to continuous-wave excitation in a low-dimensional interacting quantum system.[Phys. Rev. B,94,(2016),115152-1-115152-8]A. Ono, H. Hashimoto and S. Ishihara
10.[O] Magnetic field effects in a correlated electron system with spin-state degree of freedom - Implication of an excitonic insulator -.[J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.,85,(2016),083706-1-083706-5]T. Tatsuno, E. Mizoguchi, J. Nasu, M. Nasu, and S. Ishihara
11.[O] Light-field induced reduction of "plasma" frequency in organic conductor.[Optics InfoBase Conference Papers, F20-UP,(2016)]Y. Naitoh, S. Iwai, Y. Kawakami, H. Itoh, S. Ishihara, K. Yamamoto, K. Yonemitsu
12.[O] Optical freezing of charge motion in organic meta.[Optics InfoBase Conference Papers, F20-UP,(2016)]S. Iwai, Y. Naitoh, Y. Kawakami, H. Itoh, S. Ishihara, K. Yamamoto, H. Kishida, K. Yonemitsu
13.[O] Phase diagram and collective excitation in excitonic insulator: from the orbital physics viewpoint.[Phys. Rev. B,93,(2016),205136-1-205136-15]J. Nasu, T. Watanabe, M. Naka, S. Ishihara
14.[O] Quantum Melting of Magnetic Order in an Organic Dimer-Mott Insulating System.[Phys. Rev. B,93,(2016),195114-1-195114-5]M. Naka and S. Ishihara
15.[R] 梯子型銅酸化物の光誘起による金属―絶縁体間の双方向スイッチング.[固体物理,51, (2016)]深谷亮、橋本博志、石原純夫、笹川崇男
16.[O] Photoinduced correlated electron dynamics in a two-leg ladder Hubbard system.[Phys. Rev. B,93,(2016),165133-1-165133-10]H. Hashimoto, and S. Ishihara
17.[O] Observation of momentum-resolved charge fluctuations proximate to the charge-order phase using resonant inelastic x-ray scattering.[Scientific Report,6,(2016),23611-1-23611-8]M. Yoshida, K. Ishii, M. Naka, S. Ishihara, I. Jarrige, K. Ikeuchi, Y. Murakami, K. Kudo, Y. Koike, T. Nagata, Y. Fukada, N. Ikeda and J. Mizuki
18.[O] Magnetoelectric effect in organic molecular solids.[Scientific Report,6,(2016),20781-1-20781-7]M. Naka and S. Ishihara
19.[O] Ultrafast electronic state conversion at room temperature utilizing hidden state in cuprate ladder system.[Nat. Comm.,6,(2015),8519-1-8519-7]R. Fukaya, Y. Okimoto, M. Kunitomo, K. Onda, T. Ishikawa, S. Koshihara, H. Hashimoto, S. Ishihara, A. Isayama, H. Yui and T. Sasagawa
20.[O] Photo-Induced Phase Transition in Charge Order Systems --Charge Frustration and Interplay with Lattice--.[J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.,84,(2015),113702-1-113702-5]H. Hashimoto, H. Matsueda, H. Seo, and S. Ishihara
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