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1.[O] IsoDAR@KamLAND: Conceptual Design Report.[arXive:1710.09325,(2017)]Jose R. Alonso, K. Nakamura for the IsoDAR Collaboration
2.[O] A SEARCH FOR ELECTRON ANTINEUTRINOS ASSOCIATED WITH GRAVITATIONAL-WAVE EVENTS GW150914 AND GW151226 USING KAMLAND.[The Astrophysical Journal Leters,829(2),(2016),L34-]A. Gando et al. (KamLAND-Zen Collaboration)
3.[O] Search for Majorana Neutrinos Near the Inverted Mass Hierarchy Region with KamLAND-Zen.[Phys. Rev. Lett.,117,(2016),082503-]A. Gando et al. (KamLAND-Zen Collaboration)
4.[O] Search for double-beta decay of 136Xe to excited states of 136Ba with the KamLAND-Zen experiment.[Nuclear Physics A,946,(2016),171-181]KamLAND-Zen collaboration
5.[O] KamLAND Sensitivity to Neutrinos from Pre-Supernova Stars.[The Astrophysical Journal,818,(2016),91-]KamLAND collaboration
6.[O] Be7 solar neutrino measurement with KamLAND.[Physical Review C,92,(2015),055808-]KamLAND collaboration
7.[O] Search for the Proton Decay Mode p → antiNeutrino, K+ with KamLAND.[Physical Review D,92,(2015),052006-]KamLAND collaboration
8.[O] Study of electron anti-neutrinos associated with gamma-ray bursts using KamLAND.[Astrophys.J.,806,(2015),87-91]KamLAND collaboration
9.[O] Laboratory studies on the removal of radon-born lead from KamLAND’s organic liquid scintillator.[Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research,A(769),(2015),79-87]KamLAND collaboration
10.[O] A compact ultra-clean system for deploying radioactive sources inside the KamLAND detector.[Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A,(769),(2015),88-96]KamLAND collaboration
11.[O] Reactor on-off antineutrino measurement with KamLAND.[Phys.Rev.D,88,(2013),033001-]KamLAND collaboration
12.[O] Limits on Neutrinoless beta-beta Decay of 136Xe from the First Phase of KamLAND-Zen and Comparison with the Positive Claim in 76Ge.[Phys.Rev.Lett.,110(062502),(2013)]KamLAND-Zen
13.[O] Limits on Majoron-emmitting double-beta decays of 136Xe in the KamLAND-Zen experiment.[Phys.Rev.C,86,(2012),021601-]KamLAND-Zen collaboration
14.[O] Liquid scintillator based experiments in neutrinoless double beta decay.[Nuclear Physics B (Proc.Suppl.),(229),(2012),128-132]K. Nakamura
15.[O] Measurement of the Double-Beta Decay Half-life of 136Xe in KamLAND-Zen.[Phys.Rev.C,85,(2012),045504-]KamLAND-Zen collaboration
16.[O] Search for extraterrestrial antineutrino sources with the KamLAND detector.[Astrophys.J,(745),(2012),193-]KamLAND collaboration
17.[O] Measurement of the 8B Solar Neutrino Flux with the KamLAND Liquid Scintillator Detector.[PHYSICAL REVIEW C,84(035804),(2011)]The KamLAND collaboratio
18.[O] Partial radiogenic heat model for Earth revealed by geoneutrino measurements.[Nature geoscience,4,(2011),647-651]KamLAND collaboration
19.[O] Constraints on $\\theta_$ from A Three-Flavor Oscillation Analysis of Reactor Antineutrinos at KamLAND.[Phys.Rev.D83,83(052002),(2011)]The KamLAND collaboration
20.[O] Production of radioactive isotopes through cosmic muon spallation in KamLAND.[PHYSICAL REVIEW C,81,(2010),025807-]KamLAND collaboration
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