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1.[O] シンガポール、マレーシア、香港における英語環境と英語教育支援―日本人の英語を考えるヒントとして.[21世紀アジア学研究,17,(2019),75-94]江藤裕之
2.[O] Reason and the Origin of Language: Friedrich Max Müller's Conception of the Origin of Language in Connection with the Relationship between Language and Thought.[European Studies,13,(2019),1-20]Hiroyuki Eto
3.[O] Difficulty in the Translation of Nuance: Focusing on “Synonyms at Three Levels” in English and Japanese.[Technology and Media in Translation and Interpreting: Current Trends, Issues and Challenges,(2018),297-305]Hiroyuki Eto
4.[O] Survey on English Language Learning Support System in ESL and EFL Countries in East Asia: Its Progress and Research Findings from Visits at Universities in Hong Kong.[Bukketin of the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education Tohoku University,4,(2018),415-426]Yoshio Kitahara, Tomoko Nagano
5.[O] Potentiality of the "Super-literal" Translation for English Language Teaching.[東北大学国際文化研究科論集,21,(2017),77-84]江藤裕之
6.[O] Rethinking Grammar-Translation Method: Potentiality of the Super-literal Translation for English Language Teaching.[Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Translation,ICT16,(2017),684-696]Hiroyuki Eto
7.[B] グローバル・エリート教育.[PHP研究所,(2016)]渡部昇一、江藤裕之、平岡弘章
8.[O] Textual criticism and exegesis in East Asia and the West: A comparative study.[Bulletin of Asian Studies (21st Century Asian Studies Association, Kokushikan University),14,(2016),111-126]Takemura, Eiji, Ito Takayuki; and Eto, Hiroyuki
9.[B] 英文法のエッセンス.[大修館,(2015)]江藤裕之
10.[O] Intellectual Parallels of Kokugaku and Philologie as Studies of Language and Culture.[Journal of Japanese Language and Culture (Japanese Department, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University),2(1),(2015),7-25]江藤裕之
11.[B] 質的研究をめぐる10のキークエスチョン:サンデロウスキー論文に学ぶ.[医学書院,(2013)]江藤裕之、谷津裕子
12.[O] フィロロギーとしての国学研究―村岡典嗣と芳賀矢一のフィロロギー理解と国学観.[東北大学国際文化研究科論集,21,(2013),57-69]江藤裕之
13.[O] Grammar Discription in English Style Manuals: As Prescriptive Grammar Emphasizing Logic Over Custom.[Journal of the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies,20,(2012),181-189]Hiroyuki Eto
14.[O] Etymological inquiry in a quest for the universality of human cognition: Focusing on word formation by sound symbolism..[Typological Studies on Languages in Thailand and Japan,(2012),33-44]Hiroyuki Eto
15.[B] APAに学ぶ 看護系論文執筆のルール.[医学書院,(2012)]「江藤裕之」「前田樹海」
16.[O] 英語論文作成マニュアルの特徴とアカデミック・ライティングの授業への応用―MLA, APA, CHicagoの比較から.[東北大学国際文化研究科論集,19,(2011),117-125]江藤裕之
17.[B] APA論文作成マニュアル 第2版.[医学書院,(2011)]前田樹海、江藤裕之、田中建彦
18.[B] Multiple Perspectives on English Philology and History of Linguistics.[Peter Lang,(2010)]Tetsuji Oda and Hiroyuki Eto (eds.)
19.[O] Amerikanischer Strukturalismus und deutsche inhaltbezogene Sprachwissenschaft.[Multiple Perspectives on English Philology and History of Linguistics,(2010),341-378]Hiroyuki Eto
20.[B] 芸術都市の誕生.[PHP研究所,(2010)]樺山紘一、田中英道、松田義幸、江藤裕之、須賀由紀子、熊倉次郎
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