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1.[O] Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy of (001)-textured poly-crystalline MnAlGe films.[AIP Advances,10(1),(2020)]Kubota, T., Kota, Y., Ito, K., Umetsu, R.Y., Sun, M., Mizuguchi, M., Takanashi, K.
2.[O] Non-destructive imaging for quality assurance of magnetoresistive random-access memory junctions.[Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,53(1),(2020)]Jackson, E., Wu, Y., Frost, W., Kim, J.-Y., Samiepour, M., Elphick, K., Sun, M., Kubota, T., Takanashi, K., Ichinose, T., Mizukami, S., Hirohata, A.
3.[O] Epitaxially grown Cu<inf>2</inf>Sb-type MnGaGe films with large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy.[Applied Physics Letters,116(6),(2020)]Sun, M., Kubota, T., Ito, K., Takahashi, S., Hirayama, Y., Sonobe, Y., Takanashi, K.
4.[R] Ordered Alloys in Spintronics.[The journal of The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan,139(9), (2019), 607-612]KUBOTA Takahide, Takanashi Koki
5.[B] Novel Structured Metallic and Inorganic Materials.[Springer, Singapore,(2019)]KUBOTA Takahide, SEKI Takeshi, TAKANASHI Koki
6.[O] Temperature dependence of current-perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance in the junctions with interface tailored Heusler alloy electrodes.[Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials,474,(2019),365-368]Kubota, T., Ina, Y., Wen, Z., Takanashi, K.
7.[O] Blocking temperature enhancement in Ni <inf>2</inf> MnAl/Fe bilayers by thermal treatments.[Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials,478,(2019),206-210]Tsuchiya, T., Kubota, T., Sasaki, T., Takanashi, K.
8.[O] Perpendicularly magnetized Cu<inf>2</inf>Sb type (Mn-Cr)AlGe films onto amorphous SiO<inf>2</inf>.[Applied Physics Express,12(10),(2019)]Kubota, T., Kota, Y., Ito, K., Umetsu, R.Y., Sun, M., Mizuguchi, M., Takanashi, K.
9.[O] Spin-charge conversion in NiMnSb Heusler alloy films.[Science Advances,5(12),(2019),eaaw9337-1-eaaw9337-7]Wen, Z., Qiu, Z., Tölle, S., Gorini, C., Seki, T., Hou, D., Kubota, T., Eckern, U., Saitoh, E., Takanashi, K.
10.[O] Structural-order dependence of anomalous Hall effect in Co<inf>2</inf>MnGa topological semimetal thin films.[Applied Physics Letters,115(25),(2019),252401-1-252401-5]Wang, Q., Wen, Z., Kubota, T., Seki, T., Takanashi, K.
11.[O] Current-perpendicular-to-plane giant magnetoresistance effects using Heusler alloys.[Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials,492,(2019)]Kubota, T., Wen, Z., Takanashi, K.
12.[O] Anomalous Ettingshausen effect in ferrimagnetic Co-Gd.[Applied Physics Express,12(2),(2019)]Seki, T., Miura, A., Uchida, K.-I., Kubota, T., Takanashi, K.
13.[R] Progress of Spintronic Materials Based on Ordered Alloys.[Function& Materials,38(8), (2018), 48-58]TAKANASHI Koki, SEKI Takeshi, KUBOTA Takahide, ITO Keita
14.[R] Exchange bias using antiferromagnetic Heusler alloy films.[IEICE Technical Report,MRIS2018(8), (2018), 43-47]KUBOTA Takahide, TSHUCHIYA Tomoki, ITO Keita, SUGIYAMA Tomoko, TAKEDA Yukiharu, SAITOH Yuji, KIMURA Akio, TAKANASHI Koki
15.[O] Epitaxial CuN Films with Highly Tunable Lattice Constant for Lattice-Matched Magnetic Heterostructures with Enhanced Thermal Stability.[Advanced Electronic Materials,4(1),(2018)]Wen, Z., Kubota, T., Takanashi, K.
16.[O] Epitaxial contact Andreev reflection spectroscopy of NbN/Co<inf>2</inf>FeSi layered devices.[Applied Physics Letters,112(7),(2018)]Shigeta, I., Kubota, T., Sakuraba, Y., Molenaar, C.G., Beukers, J.N., Kimura, S., Golubov, A.A., Brinkman, A., Awaji, S., Takanashi, K., Hiroi, M.
17.[O] Interface tailoring effect for Heusler based CPP-GMR with an L1<inf>2</inf>-Type Ag<inf>3</inf>Mg spacer.[Materials,11(2),(2018),219]Kubota, T., Ina, Y., Wen, Z., Takanashi, K.
18.[O] Mn<inf>2</inf>VAl Heusler alloy thin films: Appearance of antiferromagnetism and exchange bias in a layered structure with Fe.[Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,51(6),(2018)]Tsuchiya, T., Kobayashi, R., Kubota, T., Saito, K., Ono, K., Ohhara, T., Nakao, A., Takanashi, K.
19.[O] Optimization of half-Heusler PtMnSb alloy films for spintronic device applications.[Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,51(43),(2018)]Wen, Z., Kubota, T., Takanashi, K.
20.[O] Buffer layer dependence of magnetoresistance effects in Co<inf>2</inf>Fe<inf>0.4</inf>Mn<inf>0.6</inf>Si/MgO/Co<inf>50</inf>Fe<inf>50</inf> tunnel junctions.[AIP Advances,8(5),(2018)]Sun, M., Kubota, T., Takahashi, S., Kawato, Y., Sonobe, Y., Takanashi, K.
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