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1.Identification of the dynamic behavior of epoxy material at large strain over a wide range of temperatures.[Mechanics of Materials,(2020)]C.A. Bernard, N. Bahlouli, D. George, Y. Rémond, S. Ahzi
2.Monte Carlo Study of Rubber Elasticity on the Basis of Finsler Geometry Modeling.[Symmetry,11(9),(2019),1124-]H. Koibuchi, C.A. Bernard, J.-M. Chenal, G. Diguet, G. Sebald, J-Y. Cavaillé, T. Takagi, L. Chazeau
3.Fabrication of Micro-/Nano-Structured Super-Hydrophobic Fluorinated Polymer Coatings by Cold-Spray.[Surface and Coating Technology,373,(2019),17-24]K. Ravi, W. Lock, C.A. Bernard, Y. Ichikawa, K. Ogawa
4.Effects of nano-ceramic particle addition for cold-sprayed fluoropolymer coatings.[Key Engineering Materials,813,(2019),141-146]W. Lock Sulen, K. Ravi, C. Bernard, N. Mary, Y. Ichikawa, K. Ogawa
5.The feasibility study of GaN coatings by cold spray technique.[Proceedings of the International Thermal Spray Conference,2019,(2019),462-468]S. Zhou, C.A. Bernard, K. Ravi, Y. Ichikawa, K. Ogawa
6.A thermodynamic analysis of Argon's yield stress model: Extended influence of strain rate and temperature.[Mechanics of Materials,130,(2019),20-28]C.A. Bernard, J.P.M. Correia, S. Ahzi
7.Investigation of the Flow Field Dynamics during Cold-Spray of Polymers.[Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Flow Dynamics (ICFD2018),OS17-6/CRF-95,(2018),850-851]C. A. Bernard, H. Takana, K. Ravi, O. Lame, K. Ogawa, J.-Y. Cavaille
8.Multiscale description and prediction of the thermomechanical behavior of multilayered plasticized PVC under a wide range of strain rate.[Journal of Materials Science,53(20),(2018),14834-14849]C.A. Bernard, N. Bahlouli, C. Wagner-Kocher, J. Lin, S. Ahzi, Y. Rémond
9.Three-dimensional constitutive model for the description of High Molecular Weight semi-crystalline polymers over a large range of strain rates.[EPJ Web Conf.,183(01016),(2018)]C.A. Bernard, T. Deplancke, O. Lame, K. Ogawa, J.-Y. Cavaillé
10.Mathematical modeling of rubber elasticity.[Journal of Physics: Conference Series,1141(012081),(2018)]H. Koibuchi, C.A. Bernard, J.-M. Chenal, G. Diguet, J.-Y. Cavaillé, G. Sebald, T. Takagi, L. Chazeau
11.On the premise of polymer coating modelling for cold-spray process.[Proceedings of the International Thermal Spray Conference,(2018),366-370]C.A. Bernard, K. Ogawa, J.-Y. Cavaillé, O. Lame, K. Ravi, T. Deplancke
12.Numerical implementation of an elastic-viscoplastic constitutive model to simulate the mechanical behaviour of amorphous polymers.[INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MATERIAL FORMING,10(4),(2017),607-621]C. A. Bernard, J. P. M. Correia, Said Ahzi, N. Bahlouli
13.Numerical simulation of large deformations of amorphous polymer with finite element method: application to normal impact test.[EPJ Web of Conferences,94(04043),(2015)]C.A. Bernard, J.P.M. Correia, N. Bahlouli, S. Ahzi
14.Extraction of polymer stress-strain behavior in the presence of self-heating by the use of a simple model for the elastic-plastic deformation.[Polymer Engineering and Science,55(11),(2015),2474-2481]C.A. Bernard, C. Fond, S. Ahzi, N. Bahlouli
15.Impact behavior of an innovative plasticized poly(vinyl chloride) for the automotive industry.[EPJ Web of Conferences,94(02013),(2015)]C.A. Bernard, N. Bahlouli, C. Wagner-Kocher, S. Ahzi, Y. Rémond
16.Numerical simulation of plug-assisted thermoforming: application to polystyrene.[CURRENT STATE-OF-THE-ART ON MATERIAL FORMING: NUMERICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL APPROACHES AT DIFFERENT LENGTH-SCALES, PTS 1-3,554-557,(2013),1602-1610]C. A. Bernard, J. P. M. Correia, N. Bahlouli, S. Ahzi
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