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101.Stainless Steel Using Ultrasonic Backscattering.[Ultrasonics International Conference Proceeding,(1991),559-562]T.Mihara and M.Obata
102.Measurement of AE Signals in 100MHz Frequency Range.[Proc. 10th Int. AE Symp.,(1990),619-626]N.Chubachi, H.Kanai, T.Sannomiya, M.Obata, and T.Mihara
103.Measurement of AE Signals in 100 MHz Frequency Range.[Proceedings of the 10th International Acoustic Emission Symposium,(1990),619-626]Noriyoshi Chubachi, Hiroshi Kanai, Toshio Sannomiya, Mitsuo Obata, and Tsuyoshi Mihara
104.Stress Dependence of Leaky Surface Wave on PMMA by Line-focus-beam Acoustic Microscope.[Experimental Mechanics,30(1),(1990),34-39]M.Obata, H.Shimada, and T.Mihara
105.Measurement of Carburized Depth in Low Alloyed Steel by Using Attenuation Spectrum of Ultrasonic Rayleigh Wave.[非破壊検査,38(10),(1989),898-903]T.Mihara, M.Obata and M.Yamashita
107.Basic Study of Ultrasonic Backscattering for Materials Evaluation.[非破壊検査,38(7),(1989),583-588]T.Mihara, M.Obata and T.Furukawa
108.Ulutrasonic EvaLuation of Pore Fraction and Mean Grain Diameter in Fe-Cu Sintered Compact..[Sintering International Conference,(1988),848-853]T.Mihara,M.Obata and H.Shimada
109.Ultrasonic Spectroscopic Analysis for Pore Structure in Cu-Sintered Compact..[Sintering International Conference,(1988),843-847]H.Shimada,M.Obata, and T.Mihara
110.Stress Measurement in Local Area by Line-Focus- Beam Acoustic Microscope.[非破壊検査,37(8),(1988),655-659]小島秀明,小幡充男,三原毅,島田平八
111.Local Stress Measurement in PMMA by a Line-focus-Beam Acoustic Microscope.[Society of Experimental Mechanics International Conference,(1988),404-409]M.Obata,T.Mihara and H.Shimada
112.Ultrasonic Surface Wave Method for Monitaring J-△a Curve in a Region of 77-423K.[Society of Experimental Mechanics International Conference,(1988),221-226]T.Mihara,M.Obata, and H.Shimada
113.Surface Protect Layer for Corrosion by Couplant on Acoustic Microscope Measurement.[非破壊検査,37(2),(1988),59-63]小幡充男,三原毅,島田平八
114.Porosity Estimation of Sintered Compact Using Ultrasonic Velocity..[J. JSNDI,37(5),(1988),367-380]T. Mihara, M. Obata, R. Watanabe and H. Shimada
115.Effect of Surface Roughness on Acoustic Microscope Measurement.[非破壊検査,36(12),(1987),888-893]小幡充男,三原毅,島田平八
116.Stress Measurement Using Line-Focus-Beam Acoustic Microscope.[非破壊検査,36(8),(1987),540-545]島田平八,渡辺哲章,小幡充男,三原毅
117.Evaluation of Porosity and Mean Diameter of Pore in Sintered Compacts by Using Ultrasonics.[非破壊検査,36(3),(1987),201-205]三原毅,小幡充男,島田平八
118.Stainless Steel by Using Ultrasonic Attemuation.[非破壊検査,36(1),(1987),10-14]三原毅,小幡充男,島田平八
119.Measurement of Fracture Toughness of Steels by Ultrasonic Surface Wave Method at Low Temperature.[Society of Experimental Mechanics International Conference,(1985),1-6]H.Shimada, K.Date, M.Obata and T.Mihara
120.Effect of Surface Strain Distribution on Reflected Caustics Image.[非破壊検査,32(8),(1983),602-607]小幡充男,島田平八,三原毅,西永嘉浩
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