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101.[O] Measurement of Tree Dimensional Shape and It's Surface Strain by Digital Image Correlation Method.[International Congress on Experimantal Mechanics,(1996),371-376]T.Mihara, K.Date, H.Sumitomo and M.Yoshinari
102.[O] Measurement of Distribution of Elastic Constant in Zirconia/Stainless Steel Functionally Gradient Materials by Line-Focus-Beam Acoustic Microscope.[日本金属学会誌,59(3),(1995),325-330]T.Mihara, T.Saso, R.Watanabe and A.Kawasaki N.Chubachi
103.[O] Development of Wide Band Pulser with Step-function Waveform.[QNDE Proceeding,14,(1995),2277-2284]Y.Udagawa, K.Date and T.Mihara
104.[R] 超音波顕微鏡による曲面形状表面の微小き裂の観察.[超音波TECHNO,7, (1995), 11-14]三原毅
105.[R] 力線モデルを用いた異方性材料中の超音波伝搬シミュレーション.[超音波TECHNO,9, (1995), 34-37]三原毅、古川敬
106.[O] Acoustic Microscope Image from Round Shape Specimen.[QNDE Proceeding,14B,(1994),1995-2002]T.Mihara, G.Suzuki, K.Date, Y.Udagawa, K.Ikuno and A.Harazono
107.[O] Spectrum Analysis of Ultrasonic Backscattering Depending on Regularly-arranged Microstructural Distribution.[J. JSNDI,43(2),(1994),88-94]T.Mihara, Y.Yamada and T.Kanno
108.[O] Non-destructive Evaluation of Metal Matrix Composite by Ultrasonic Measurement.[Proc.3rd International SAMPE Proceeding,(1993),2276-2281]T.Mihara, Y.C.Park, G.C.Lee, and K.Date
109.[O] Local Elastic Constant Measurement of Functionally Gradient Materials by Line-Focus-Beam Acoustic Microscope.[Proceeding of Ultrasonic Symposium '93 IEEE,(1993),617-622]T.Mihara, T.Sato, Y.Kitamura and K.Date
110.[O] Ultrasonic Non-destructive Evaluation of Elastic Constants and Fiber Ratio of Al2O3 Fiber of Aluminum Base Composite.[J Japan Inst. Metals,57(3),(1993),301-306]Y.C.Park, G.C.Lee, T.Mihara and K.Date
111.[O] Improvement of Line-Focus-Beam Acoustic Microscope Analysis Procedures for Local Velocity Measurement and Application for Velocity Distribution of Unifo.[非破壊検査,41(10),(1992),607-612]三原毅,中鉢憲賢,佐藤豊彦
112.[O] Elastic Constant Measurement by Using Line-focus-beam Acoustic Microscope.[Experimental Mechanics,32(3),(1992),30-33]T.Mihara and M.Obata
113.[O] Elastic Constants of Zirconia/Stainless Steel Sintered Composite Materials Measured by a Line-Focus-Beam Acoustic Microscope..[Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals,56(3),(1992),321-326]T. Mihara, S. Asano, M. Obata, R. Watanabe and A. Kawasaki
114.[O] Three Dimensional Shape Measurement Using Stereoscopy and Image Correlation Method.[Nondestructive Testing & Stress-Strain Measurement,(1992),582-589]T.Mihara, H.Sumitomo, T.Furukawa, and K.Date
115.[R] 超音波減衰法による2相ステンレス鋼のσ脆化の評価.[超音波TECHNO,5, (1992), 29-33]三原毅
116.[O] Carburized Case Depth Estimation by Rayleigh-Wave Backscattering.[Materials Evaluation,49(6),(1991),696-700]T.Mihara and M.Obata
117.[O] Stainless Steel Using Ultrasonic Backscattering.[Ultrasonics International Conference Proceeding,(1991),559-562]T.Mihara and M.Obata
118.[O] Measurement of AE Signals in 100MHz Frequency Range.[Proc. 10th Int. AE Symp.,(1990),619-626]N.Chubachi, H.Kanai, T.Sannomiya, M.Obata, and T.Mihara
119.[O] Measurement of AE Signals in 100 MHz Frequency Range.[Proceedings of the 10th International Acoustic Emission Symposium,(1990),619-626]Noriyoshi Chubachi, Hiroshi Kanai, Toshio Sannomiya, Mitsuo Obata, and Tsuyoshi Mihara
120.[O] Stress Dependence of Leaky Surface Wave on PMMA by Line-focus-beam Acoustic Microscope.[Experimental Mechanics,30(1),(1990),34-39]M.Obata, H.Shimada, and T.Mihara
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