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81.[O] Laser Ultrasonic TOFD Method.[Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation 19,(2000),255-262]T. Mihara, Y. Otsuka, H. Cho and K. Yamanaka
82.[O] Reconstruction of Waveform from Photoelastic Ultrasonic Visualized Image.[Nondestructive Characterization of Materials X, (AIP Editor R. E. Green, Jr.),(2000),159-166]T. Mihara, T. Musashi and K. Yamanaka
83.[R] 超音波顕微鏡計測の鉄鋼材料への適用.[日本鉄鋼協会 ふぇらむ,5, (2000), 75-81]三原毅
84.[R] TOFD法の原理とBS7706.[非破壊検査,49, (2000), 802-805]三原毅
85.[R] TOFD法の原理と規格.[超音波TECHNO,12, (2000), 4-7]三原毅
86.[O] Visualization of Laser Ultrasound by Photoelasticity.[Nondestructive Characterization of Materials IX, (AIP Editor R. E. Green, Jr.),,(1999),168-173]T.Mihara, Y.Otsuka, H.Cho, K.Yamanaka
87.[O] Ultrasonic Atomic Force Microscope for Quantitative Evaluation of Nano-scale Elasticity.[The Second Japan-US Symposium on Advances in NDT,(1999),114-119]K.Yamanaka, Y.Koike, T.Tsuji, A.Noguchi, T .Mihara
88.[O] Evaluation of Spot Weld Bonding Using Mode Converted Shear Wave.[The Second Japan-US Symposium on Advances in NDT,(1999),131-135]T.Mihara, N.Kaneko, K.Yamanaka, T.Yoshida
89.[O] Fatigue Damage Monitoring of round Shape Specimen by Acoustic Microscope.[NDT&E International,32(3),(1999),161-166]T.Mihara,G.Suzuki,A.Harazono and T.Ikuno
90.[R] 超音波自動探傷による溶接部の強度保証.[検査技術,3, (1999), 1-6]三原毅
91.[B] 非破壊評価工学.[(1998)]三原毅
92.[O] 非破壊強度保証のための超音波自動探傷システムを用いた溶接試験体のき裂寸法測定の検討.[日本機械学会論文集A編,624(64),(1998),2191-2196]姜正浩,三原毅
93.[O] Fatigue damage monitoring of round shape specimen by acoustic microscope.[The 9th Asia-Pacific Conference on Non-destructive Testing,(1998),82-85]T.Mihara, G.Suzuki, A.Harazono and T.Ikuno
94.[O] Three-dimensional sound pressure field measurement using photoelastic computer tomography method.[Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,37,(1998),3030-3034]T.Mihara, K. Hagiwara and T. Furukawa
95.[R] 光弾性画像処理法による超音波伝搬の可視化.[可視化情報,18, (1998), 9-14]三原毅
96.[R] 光弾性CTによる三次元音場解析.[超音波TECHNO,10, (1998), 33-37]三原毅、古川敬
97.[B] 実験 材料科学 - ニュ-マテリアル開発への基礎.[(1996)]三原毅,古屋泰文,古川敬
98.[O] Ultrasonic Testing Simulation by using Ray Tracing Model.[The First US-Japan Symposiumon Advances in NDE,(1996),402-407]T.Furukawa, T.Mihara and K.Date
99.[O] Crack Detection and Velocity Measurement by Acoustic Microscope for Round Shape Specimen.[The First US-Japan Symposiumon Advances in NDE,(1996),315-320]G.SUzuki, T.Mihara, K.Date, A.Harazono, T.Ikuno and Y.Udagawa
100.[O] Ultrasonic Testing of Fiber Reinforced Plastic Block by Step Function Pulser.[The First US-Japan Symposium on Advances in NDE,(1996),309-314]J.Masuda, T.Mihara, K.Date, Y.Udagawa and H.Yamaguchi
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