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61.[O] Relations between Crack Opening Behavior and Crack Tip Scattering and Diffraction of Longitudinal Wave.[Materials Evaluation,(2004),943-947]T.Mihara, S.Nomura, M.Akino and K.Yamanaka
62.[O] Evaluation of Closed Cracks by Model Analysis of Subharmonic Ultrasound.[Japanese Jounal of Applied Physics,43(5B),(2004),33082-3087]K. Yamanaka, T. Mihara and T. Tsuji
63.[O] Subharmonic waves from fatigue cracks using nonlinear ultrasound.[Proceeding of SPIE,5392,(2004),191-196]T. Mihara, M. Akino and K.Yamanaka
64.[R] 内部きずの新検査技術.[非破壊検査,12, (2004), 216-222]三原毅
65.[O] Fatigue crack closure analysis using nonlinear ultrasound.[Review of Progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation,22,(2003),823-828]M.Akino, T. Mihara and K. Yamanaka
66.[O] BALL SAW DEVICE FOR HYDROGEN GAS SENSOR.[Proc 2003 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium,(2003),299-]K. Yamanaka, S. Ishikawa1, N. Nakaso, N. Takeda, T. Mihara and Y. Tsukahara
67.[O] EVALUATION OF NANOSCALE CRACKS BY LOW-PASS FILTER EFFECT IN NONLINEAR ULTRASOUND.[Proc 2003 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium,(2003)]K. Yamanaka, T. Mihara and T. Tsuji
68.[O] Sensitivity evaluation of the Ball SAW Hydrogen Gas Sensor.[Tech. Rep. IEICE,US2003-63(73),(2003)]S. Ishikawa, N. Nakaso, N. Takeda, T. Mihara, Y. Tsukahara and K. Yamanaka
69.[O] Surface acoustic waves on a sphere with divergent, focusing and collimating beam shapes excited by an interdigital transducer.[Applied Physics Letters,83(22),(2003),4649-4651]S. Ishikawa, N. Nakaso, N. Takeda, T. Mihara, Y. Tsukahara, K. Yamanaka
70.[O] Nanoscale nondestructive evaluation of materials and devices by ultrasonic.[Proceeding of SPIE,5045,(2003),104-111]K. Yamanaka, T. Tsuji, H. Irihama and T. Mihara
71.[O] Imaging and Evaluation of Nano-Scale Crack by Using Ultrasonic Atomic Force Microscopy.[Proceedings of SPIE,5045,(2003),1067-1072]T. Tsuji, H. Irihama, T. Mihara, K. Yamanaka
72.[O] Time of Flight Diffraction Method Using Laser Ultrasound for Noncontact Flaw Height Measurement.[Proceedings of SPIE,5045,(2003),987-992]T. Mihara, Y. Otsuka, H. Cho, K. Yamanaka
73.[R] 欠陥の許容と非破壊検査.[検査技術,5, (2003), 6-11]三原毅
74.[O] Nonlinear Vibration of Atomic Scale Discontinuity Observed by Using Ultrasonic.[China-Japan Joint Conference on Acoustics,(2002),287-290]T.Tsuji, H.Irihama, T.Mihara and K.Yamanaka
75.[O] レーザー超音波法を用いたTime of flight diffraction測定.[電子情報通信学会技術報告,US2002-52,(2002),39-44]三原 毅,大塚康範,長秀雄,山中一司
76.[O] Relations between Crack Opening Behavior and Crack Tip Diffraction of Longitudinal Wave.[Proceedings of the International Society for Optical Engineering,(2002),137-145]T.Mihara, M.Nomura and K.Yamanaka
77.[O] Nonlinear Vibration of atomic scale discontinuity observed by using ultrasonic atomic.[Technical Acoustics,21,(2002),287-290]T. Tsuji, H. Irihama, T. Mihara and K. Yamanaka
78.[O] Relations between Crack Opening Behavior and Crack Tip Diffraction of.[Proceeding of SPIE,4703,(2002),137-145]T. Mihara, M. Nomura and K. Yamanaka
79.[R] 構造物の非破壊的強度保証に向けて.[エネルギー,34(12), (2001), 92-95]三原毅
80.[O] Nanoscale Elasticity Measurement with In situ Tip Shape Estimation in Atomic Force Microscope.[Review of Scientific Instruments,71(6),(2000),2403-2408]K. Yamanaka, T.Tsuji, A.Noguchi, T.Koike and T.Mihara
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