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21.[O] Capability of Ultrasonic Testing for Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel in Japanese Pressurized Water Reactors.[E-Journal of Advanced Maintenance , Japan Society of Maintenology,4-1,(2012),22-35]K. Sakamoto, T. Furukawa, I. Kumura, Y. Yagihashi and T. Mihara
22.[O] Reflection and Transmission Behaviors of Ultrasonic Wave at Nano-Air Gap Examined Using Newton’s Ring Specimen.[Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,51,(2012),07GB12]M. Inoue, T. Mihara, H. Tashiro. T. Furukawa
23.[O] Investigation of the Sound Field of Phased Array Using the Photoelastic Visualization technique and the Accurate FEM.[Materials Transactions,53(4),(2012),631-635]S. Washimori, T. Mihara, H. Tashiro
24.[O] ステンレス鋳鋼配管における超音波の伝播シミュレーション.[日本保全学会誌,11-2,(2012),77-83]坂本一信、古川敬、古村一朗、上山芳教、三原毅
25.[O] 非線形超音波計測が可能な高機能剥離検査装置の開発.[鉄と鋼,98(11),(2012),9-16]三原毅、高柳優樹、鈴木裕、斎藤隆、田代発造
26.[O] Development of high amplitude ultrasonic laminated transducer system for ultrasonic inspection.[Proceeding of IWPMA 2012,(2012),61]T. Mihara, T. Kamimura, Y. Miura, T. Katsuhara and H. Tashiro
27.[O] Subharmonic wave analysis in crack using the developed FEM.[The 19th International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics,(2012),52]T. Mihara, K. Shimaya, Y. Ikegami, T. Furukawa and I. Komura
28.[O] Ultrasonic inspection of rocket fuel model using laminated transducer and multi-channel step pulser.[Proceeding of the Conference for Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE,(2012),27]T. Mihara, T. Hamajima and H. Tashiro
29.[O] Basic study and Application for Ultrasound Dispersion in Concrete Structures.[Review of progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation ,AIP,3OB,(2011),1299-1306]T. Mihara, M. Maruta, T. Hamajima, Y. Udagawa, and H. Tashiro
30.[O] Large Amplitude Ultrasonic Measurement System Using Laminated Transducer and Multi-channel Pulser.[Proceeding of the Conference for Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE,(2011),56]T. Mihara, Y. Kamiyama, and Y. Udagawa
31.[O] Subharmonic Wave Analysis in Crack Using Developed FEM.[Proceeding of the Conference for Review of Progress in Quantitative NDE,(2011),94]T. Mihara, Y. Ikegami, T. Furukawa
32.[O] Ultrasonic Behavior of Rocket Fuel Model Using Multi-channel Pulser and Laminated Transducer.[Proceeding of Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics,32,(2011),193-194]T.Hamajima, T.Mihara, A.Sato and H.Tashiro
33.[O] Reflection and Transmission Behavior of Ultrasonic Wave at Micro Gap Using Newton’s Ring.[Proceeding of Symposium on Ultrasonic Electronics,32,(2011),331-332]M.Inoue, T.Mihara, H.Tashiro and T. Furukawa
34.[O] Nonlinear ultrasound behavior dependence on crack closure using FEM method.[USE2010,30,(2010)]T. Mihara, Y. Nagai, T. Furukawa, I. Komura and Y. Ikegami
35.[O] Ultrasonic Measurement of Closed Stress Corrosion Crack Depth Using Subharmonic Phased Array.[Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.,48,(2009),07GD01]Y. Ohara, H. Endo, T. Mihara, K.Yamanaka
36.[O] Development of photoelastic ultrasonic visualization system using pulse laser for the evaluation of high frequency phased array system.[USE2009,30,(2009),153-]T. Mihara, S. Washimori, T. Hamashima and H. Tashiro
37.[O] Investigation of the impedance in transducer and pulser for nonlinear ultrasound measurement.[APCNDT2009,2009,(2009),153-]S.Washimori, T.Mihara, H.Tashiro
38.[O] Investugation of the sound field of phased array using photo elastic visualization technique and the accurate FEM.[APCNDT2009,2009,(2009),99-]S.Washimori, T.Mihara, H.Tashiro
39.[O] High accurate FEM analysis for ultrasonic propergation in concrete structure.[APCNDT2009,2009,(2009),94-]Y.Nagai, T.Mihara, H.Tashiro
40.[O] Ultrasonic Propergation Behabior in Composite Material for Velocity Measurements of Concrete Structure.[International Conference of NDE in Relatyion to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurerized Component,2009,(2009)]T.Mihara, M.Maruta, M.Honda and H.Tashiro
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