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1.Securing Public Wireless LAN in Disaster Areas.[The 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (poster),(2018)]Hideaki Goto
2.Cityroam, Providing Secure Public Wireless LAN Services with International Roaming.[RTUWO'18 Advances in Wireless and Optical Communications,(2018),204-208]Hideaki Goto
3.Synthetic Scene Character Generator and Multi-Scale Voting Classifier for Japanese Scene Character Recognition.[Proceedings Image and Vision Computing New Zealand 2018 (IVCNZ 2018),(2018)]Fuma Horie and Hideaki Goto
4.Deploying a Campus-Wide Wireless Network: eduroam and the Next Generation Hotspot Infrastructure Cityroam.[大学ICT推進協議会 2018年度年次大会 論文集,(2018)]Hiroyuki Harada, Hideaki Goto
5.Automatic Roaming Consortium Discovery and Routing for Large-Scale Wireless LAN Roaming Systems.[2018 IEEE 23rd International Workshop on Computer Aided Modeling and Design of Communication Links and Networks (CAMAD),(2018),374-379]Kazunari Irie and Hideaki Goto
6.Fast Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network and Hierarchical Overlapping Clustering.[13th IAPR InternationalWorkshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS2018) Short Paper,(2018)]Soichi Tashima and Hideaki Goto
7.High-Accuracy Japanese Scene Character Recognition Using Synthetic Scene Characters and Multi-Scale Voting Classifier.[13th IAPR InternationalWorkshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS2018) Short Paper,(2018)]Fuma Horie and Hideaki Goto
8.Ensemble Classifier with Dividing Training Scheme for Chinse Scene Character Recognition.[Proceedings Image and Vision Computing New Zealand 2017 (IVCNZ 2017),(2017)]Long Jiang, Hideaki Goto
9.World Trends in the Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) and the Development of eduroam-on-NGH System.[IEICE Technical Report,IA2017-61,(2017),49-54]Hideaki Goto
10.Flexible Key Revocation and Access Control for a Privacy-protecting Cloud CBIR System.[The 41st Annual Computer Software & Applications Conference (COMPSAC2017), The 3rd IEEE International COMPSAC Workshop on Secure Identity Management in the Cloud Environment (SIMICE 2017),(2017),738-743]Hao Liu, Hideaki Goto
11.Centralized Authentication System for Large-scale Academic Wireless LAN Roaming.[The IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems,J100-D(5),(2017),584-594]Hideaki Goto, Tomo Niizuma, Junichi Yamato
12.Easy-to-Deploy Wireless Mesh Network System with User Authentication and WLAN Roaming Features.[IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems,E100-D(3),(2017),511-519]Tomo NIIZUMA, Hideaki GOTO
13.Privacy-enhanced Similarity Search Scheme for Cloud Image Databases.[IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems,E99-D(12),(2016),3188-3191]Hao Liu and Hideaki Goto
14.HIGHLY-ACCURATE FAST CANDIDATE REDUCTION METHOD FOR JAPANESE/CHINESE CHARACTER RECOGNITION.[IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP 2016,(2016),2886-2890]Ryosuke Odate, Hideaki Goto
15.Scene Text Detection and Tracking for Wearable Text-to-Speech Translation Camera.[15th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs (ICCHP2016), Part II, LNCS 9759,(2016),23-26]Hideaki Goto and Kunqi Liu
16.Privacy-enhanced Similarity Search Scheme for Cloud Image Databases.[IEICE Technical Report,ICSS2015-68,(2016),129-133]Hao Liu, Hideaki Goto
17.Scene Text Detection and Tracking System for Assisting Visually-Impaired People.[IEICE Technical Report,PRMU2016-128,(2016),199-204]劉 坤奇, 後藤英昭
18.Quick- and Easy-to-Deploy Wireless Mesh Network System for WLAN Roaming Services.[Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC) 2015,(2015)]Tomo Niizuma, Hideaki Goto
19.Fast and Accurate Nearest Neighbor Search Using LDA for Japanese/Chinese Character Recognition.[The IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems,J98-D(9),(2015),1288-1291]Hideaki Goto, Ryosuke Odate, Yuichi Abe
20.Versatile Text Extraction System for Text-to-Speech Reading Assistant Camera.[AAATE2015, Assistive Technology: Building Bridges,(2015),392-397]Hideaki Goto
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