Research Activities- GOTO Hideaki -

High-performance / high-function document recognition systems

We develop various image processing methods, video analysis methods, document layout analysis algorithms and character recognition methods aiming at realizing high-performance / high-function document recognition systems capable of capturing various text information in our living environment, not limited to the scanned documents, just as we humans do. In addition, we have been working on a text capturing/recognition/reading system for the blind.

Ubiquitous Network and ID Federation

We study and develop some advanced technologies for realizing Ubiquitous Network environment that enables people to use the network everywhere freely and securely using their single IDs. ID Federation, which federates the user IDs between different institutions, is an important building block for various new services including the ubiquitous network,
and we have been working on some secure world-wide scalable systems. Particularly, we introduced eduroam, the world's de-facto standard campus Wi-Fi roaming system, to Japan, and have been doing the R&D and its operation.
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