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1.The role of intangible cultural heritage in the disaster recovery in Fukushima.[Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on Intangible Cultural Heritage and Natural Disasters,(2019),81-89]Hiroki Takakura
2.津波被災後の稲作農業と復興における在来知の役割.[震災復興の公共人類学:福島原発事故被災者と津波被災者(関谷雄一・高倉浩樹編、東京大学出版会),(2019),239-262]高倉 浩樹
3.The Anthropologist as Both Disaster Victim and Disaster Researcher: Reflections and Advocacy.[Crisis and Disaster in Japan and New Zealand (Susan Bouterey Lawrence E. Marceau, eds., Singapore: Palgrave Macmmilion),(2019),79-103]Hiroki Takakura
5.Local Agricultural Knowledge as Time Manipulation: Paddy Field Farmers after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.[Asian Ethnology,77(1/2),(2018),257-284]Hiroki Takakura
6.Local performing arts in Fukushima and Disaster risk reduction cultural heritage: Why needs intangible cultural heritage for disaster recovering policies.[震災後の地域文化と被災者の民俗誌(高倉浩樹・山口睦編、新泉社),(2018),130-146]Hiroki Takakura
7.Toward the Field-oriented disaster humanities.[震災後の地域文化と被災者の民俗誌(高倉浩樹・山口睦編、新泉社),(2018),8-22]Hiroki Takakura and Mutsumi Yamaguchi
8.Indigenous policies and resource-environment issues: A perspective of the post-socialist Russia.[Uyama Tomohiko ed. Transborder revolutions and nationalisms (Russian Revolution and the century of USSR, vol. 5) , Tokyo: Iwanami shoten,(2017),289-314]Hiroki Takakura
9.Detection of Ice-Jam Floods Using PALSAR Full-Polarimetry Data.[Global Warming and Human - Nature Dimension in Northern Eurasia Editors: Hiyama, Tetsuya, Takakura, Hiroki. Singapore: Springer,(2017),71-85]Manabu Watanabe, Hiroki Takakura, Chinatsu YonezawaYasuhiro Yoshikawa
10.Monitoring Spring Floods on the Lena River Using Multiple Satellite Sensors.[Global Warming and Human - Nature Dimension in Northern Eurasia Editors: Hiyama, Tetsuya, Takakura, Hiroki. Singapore: Springer,(2017),53-69]Toru Sakai, Hiroki TakakuraMakoto OkumuraSigemi HattaYasuhiro YosikawaTetsuya Hiyama
11.Local Perception of River Thaw and Spring Flooding of the Lena River.[Global Warming and Human - Nature Dimension in Northern Eurasia Editors: Hiyama, Tetsuya, Takakura, Hiroki. Springer,(2017),29-51]Hiroki Takakura
12.Ice Movement in the Lena River and Effects of Spring Flooding on Human Society: An Interpretation of Local Sources Integrated with Satellite Imagery in a Multidisciplinary Approach.[Global Warming and Human - Nature Dimension in Northern Eurasia Editors: Hiyama, Tetsuya, Takakura, Hiroki. Springer,(2017),101-123]Hiroki Takakura, Yasuhiro Yoshikawa, Manabu Watanabe, Toru Sakai, Tetsuya Hiyama
13.Permafrost livelihoods: A transdisciplinary review and analysis of thermokarst-based systems of indigenous land use.[Anthropocene,18,(2017),89-104]Susan Cratea, Mathias Ulrichb, J. Otto Habeckc, Aleksey R. Desyatkind, Roman V. Desyatkind, Aleksander N. Fedorove, Tetsuya Hiyama, Yoshihiro Iijima, Stanislav Ksenofontov, Csaba Mészáros, Hiroki Takakura
14.再野生化あるいは親和性多様化対象としての家畜:シベリア肉牧畜の地域進化.[平田昌弘編『公開シンポジウム記録 家畜化と乳利用、その地域的特質をふまえて:搾乳の開始をめぐる谷仮説を手がかりにして』2015年5月16ー17日公開シンポジウム事務局,(2016)]高倉浩樹
15.Limits of pastoral adaptation to permafrost regions caused by climate change among the Sakha People in the middle basin of Lena River.[Polar Science,(2016)]Hiroki Takakura
16.Lessons from anthropological projects related to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: Intangible Cultural Heritage Survey and Disaster Salvage Anthropology.[John Gledhill (Ed.) World anthropologies in Practice: Situated Perspectives, Global Knowledge. ASA monograph 52. London: Bloomsbury,(2016),211-224]Hiroki Takakura
17.When a blessing flooding turns into disastrous water.[Siberia: Arctic water environment and societies under global warming (Kyoto University Press),(2015),173-222]Hiroki Takakura
18.Making the exhibition from the ethnographic photographs and films: Applied visual anthropology connecting citizens both in field and home.[分藤大翼ほか編『フィールド映像術』古今書院,(2015),126-141]高倉浩樹
19.Introduction: Anthropologists as Organizer of Exhibition.[高倉浩樹編『展示する人類学』昭和堂,(2015),1-20]高倉浩樹
20.Dialogue on photographic materials crossing cultures.[高倉浩樹編『展示する人類学』昭和堂,(2015),203-232]高倉浩樹
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