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3.Broniskay Pilsudski's Sakhalin Ethnography: The Enchiw, Nivkh, and Uilta around the beginning of the 20th Century.[東北大学東北アジア研究センター,(2018)]Hiroki Takakura (Supervised), Koichi Inoe (Translated, edited and annotaded)
4.Ethnography of local cultures and vistims after catastrophe: toward the disaster field-oriented humanities.[新泉社,(2018)]Hiroki Takakura and Mutsumi Yamaguchi eds.
5.Global Warming and Human - Nature Dimension in Northern Eurasia.[Springer,(2017)]Tetsuya Hiyama and Hiroki Takakura
7.Voices from Siberia: the creation of the ethnographic photography exhibition and messages from the field to home.[東北大学東北アジア研究センター,(2015)]高倉浩樹・千葉義人編
8.Arctic Pastoralist Sakha: Ethnography of Evolution and Microadaptation in Siberia.[Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press,(2015)]Hiroki Takakura
9.Anthropologists as Organizer of Exhibition: Dialogue between the field and home.[昭和堂,(2015)]高倉浩樹(編)
10.Cross-cultural journey on the food and rituals: Siberia and Americas from the viewpoint of indigenous culture.[東北大学出版会,(2014)]高倉浩樹、山口未花子
11.What is the intangible cultural heritage suffered by disaster?: Ethnography of Great East Japan Earthquake and Miyagi Coastal Communities.[新泉社,(2014)]高倉浩樹, 滝澤克彦(編)
12.2012 Fiscal Year Report of Documentation Project for "Investigation of the Damage to Folk Cultural Assets from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami".[東北大学東北アジア研究センター,(2013)]TAKAKURA Hiroki and TAKIZAWA Katsuhiko
14.2011 Fiscal Year Report of Documentation Project for "Investigation of the Damage to Folk Cultural Assets from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami".[東北大学東北アジア研究センター,(2012)]Hiroki Takakura, Katsuhiko Takizawa, Nobuhiro Masaoka
15.Living in Siberia an Extrem cold region.[Tokyo: Shinsensya,(2012)]Takakura Hiroki ed.
16.聞き書き 震災体験、東北大学90人が語る3.11.[新泉社,(2012)]高倉浩樹・木村敏明監修 とうしんろく(東北大学震災体験記録プロジェクト)編
17.東日本大震災に伴う被災した民俗文化財調査 2011年度報告集.[東北大学東北アジア研究センター,(2012)]高倉浩樹
18.Arctic pastoralist Sakha: Ethnography of Evolution and Micro-adaptation in Siberia.[Kyoto: Syowado,(2012)]Takakura Hiroki
19.Nomads in Siberia and Africa: Livelihood with livestock in Arctic and Desert.[Sendai: Tohoku University Press,(2011)]Takakura Hiroki and Soga Toru
20.Этнография Сибири: повседневная жизнь кочевых народов Севера в фотографиях японских ученых.[東北大学東北アジア研究センター,(2010)]Такакура Хироки
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