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141.Effect of Mill Type on Correlation of Powder Characteristics of Ground Talc with Impact Energy of Media Balls..[Advanced Powder Technology,11,(2000)]加納 純也
142.Estimation of Size Reduction Rate of Gibbsite in Tumbling Mills with Different Diameters by Computer Simulation.[J. Chem. Eng. Japan,32,(1999),447-451]加納 純也
143.Correlation of Size Reduction Rate of Materials with Impact Energy of Balls in Milling.[J. Chem. Eng. Japan,32,(1999),445-]加納 純也
144.Amorphization of Kaolitite and Media Motion in Grinding by a Double Rotating Cylinders Mill. -A comparison with a tumbling ball mill-.[J. Soc. Powder Technol. Japan,36,(1999),462-467]加納 純也
145.Effect of Dry-Grinding and Addition of Seed on α-Alumina Formation from Gibbsite..[J. Ceramic Society, Japan,107,(1999),769-771]加納 純也
146.Simulation of Operational Power of a Co-axial Double Rotating Cylinders Moll by the Particle Element Method..[J. Chem. Eng. Japan,32,(1999),257-]加納 純也
147.Correlation of Ball Impact Energy with Yield of Soluble Vanadium Compoaund Produced in EP dust by Dry Mechanochemical Treatment..[J. Chem. Eng. Japan,31,(1998),1014-]加納 純也
148.Simulation of Mass Flow Rate of Particles Discharged from a Hopper by the Particle Element Method.[J. Chem. Eng. Japan,31(936),(1998)]加納 純也
149.Effect of Heat Assisted Grinding of a Calcium hydroxide-Gibbsite Mixture on Formation of Hydrated Calcium Aluminate and its Hydration Behavior.[Powder Technology,98,(1998),279-]加納 純也
150.Correlation of Powder Characteristics of Talc during Planetary Ball Milling with Balls' Impact energy Simulated by the Particle Element Method.[Powder Technology,98,(1998),166-]加納 純也
151.A method for simulating the three-dimensional motion of balls under the presence of a powder sample in a tumbling ball mill.[Advanced Powder Technology,8(1),(1997),39-]加納 純也
152.Two-and Three-Dimensional Simulations of Vibration and Percolation Behavior of Partocles by Particle Element Method.[Kagaku Kogaku Ronbunshu,23(5),(1997),687-693]加納 純也
153.A Consideration of the Constitutive Relationship between Flowing Particles.[粉体工学会誌,33(2),(1996),95-]加納 純也
154.Flow Mechanism of Granular Materials Discharging from Bin-Hopper System.[Proc. 3rd European Symp. on Strorage and Flow of Particulate Solid,(1995),389-]加納 純也
155.Flow Rate and Fluctuation of Wall Pressure During Discharging of Granular Materials from Bin-Hopper System.[化学工学論文集,21(3),(1995),581-]加納 純也
156.Flow Mechanism of Granular Materials Discharging from Bin-Hopper System.[化学工学論文集,20(3),(1994),397-]加納 純也
157.Computer Simulation of the Flowing Behavior of Granular Materials in a chute.[Journal of the Society of Powder Technology Japan,30(3),(1993),188-]加納 純也
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