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121.Grinding Aluminum Hydroxide and its Effect on Properties of Hardened Cement Material Forming Calcium Aluminate.[Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan,38,(2001),331-337]Miyuki Miyazaki,Makoto Kitamura, Masataka Kamitani, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
122.Grinding of Talc Particulates by a High-speed Rotor Mixer.[Advanced Powder Technology,12,(2001),297-314]Junya Kano,Hideaki Yabune, Hiroshi Mio, Fumio Saito
123.Correlation of Grinding Rate of Gibbsite with Impact Energy in Tumbling Mill with Mono-size Balls.[Minerals Engineering,14(10),(2001),1213-1223]Junya Kano,Hiroshi Mio, Fumio Saito, Miyuki Miyazaki
124.Estimation of Extraction Rate of Yttrium from Fluorescent Powder by Ball Milling.[Materials Transactions, JIM,42(11),(2001),2460-2464]Hiroshi Mio,Jaeryeong Lee, Takao Nakagawa, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
125.Effect of Additives on Dechlorination of PVC by Mechanochemical Treatmemt.[Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management,3,(2001),20-23]Shu Saeki,Junya Kano, Fumio Saito, Kaoru Shimme, Seiichi Masuda, Tsuyoshi Inoue
126.Reduction in α-Transformation Temperature of Gibbsite and Boehmite by Powder Mixing with Seed.[Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan,34,(2001),595-599]Junya Kano,Shu Saeki, Mitsuo Tanjo, Fumio Saito
127.Application of Numerical Simulation to Ball Grinding.[Powder Science and Engineering,33,(2001),71-78]Junya Kano, Hiroshi Mio, Fumio Saito
128.Computer Simulation for Design of Grinding Machine.[Plant and Process,43,(2001),50-54]Junya Kano, Hiroshi Mio, Fumio Saito
129.Powder Treatment Technology in Environmental Protection and Recycling.[Plant and Process,43,(2001),61-66]Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
130.Mechanochemical Synthesis of Lanthanum Oxyhalides, LaOX (X=F, Cl, Br).[Bulletin of the Institute for Advanced Materials Processing Building, IMRAM, Tohoku University,57,(2001),61-67]Jaeryeong Lee, Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
131.Molecular Design and Materials Processing by Means of Mechanochemistry.[Bulletin of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan,6,(2001),428-433]Fumio Saito, Junya Kano, Qiwu Zhang
132.Mechanochemical Technology.[Bulletin of Japan Mining Industry Association,54,(2001),40-47]Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
133.Grinding Aided Synthesis of Nano-particles and its Promising Way.[Powder Science and Engineering,33,(2001),53-61]Fumio Saito, Junya Kano, Qiwu Zhang
134.Correlation of Grinding Rate of Gibbsite with impact Energy of Balls..[AICHE Journal,46,(2000),1694-1697]加納 純也
135.Correlation of Size Reduction Rate of Gibbsite with Impact Energy of Media Balls in Wet Grinding.[First Asian Particle Technology Symposium,(106),(2000)]Junya Kano,Hiroshi Mio, Fumio Saito
136.Size Reduction Rate of Inorganic Materials in Ball Milling and its Estimation by Computer Simulation.[First Asian Particle Technology Symposium,(105),(2000)]Hiroshi Mio,Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
137.Ball Mill Simulation and Powder Characteristics of Ground Talc in Various Types of Mill.[Advanced Powder Technology,11,(2000),333-342]Junya Kano,Miyuki Miyazaki, Fumio Saito
138.Powder Characteristics of Gibbsite Ground by a Double Rotaing Cylinders Mill..[J. Soc. Powder Technol., Japan,37,(2000),348-353]加納 純也
139.Prediction of Grinding Process by Computer Simulation and its Relation to Mechanochemical Reaction.[Bulletin of the Institute for Advanced Materials Processing, Tohoku University,56,(2000),84-91]Hiroshi Mio, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
140.Numerical Simulation Model of Iron Ore Sintering Process Directly Describing the Agglomeration Phenomenon of Granules in the Packed Bed..[ISIJ International,40,(2000),448-454]加納 純也
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