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101.Simulation of Media Motion in Wet Ball Milling and Correalation with Grinding Rate.[Proceedings of 10th APCCHE Congress,(2004)]Hiroshi Mio, Hiroto Mori, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
102.Scale-up Method of Planetary Ball Mill.[Chemical Engineering Science,59,(2004),5883-5890]Hiroshi Mio, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
103.Ball mill simulation in wet grinding using a tumbling mill and its correlation to girnding rate.[Powder Technology,143-144,(2004),230-239]Hiroto Mori, Hiroshi Mio, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
104.Mechanochemical approach for preparing nanostructural materials.[Jouranl of Materials Science,39,(2004),5051-5055]Fumio Saito, Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano
105.Mechanochemical Dechlorination of PVCs with Different Chlorine Contents.[Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan,41(11),(2004),20-25]Tsuyoshi Inoue,Junya Kano,Fumio Saito
106.Wet Ball Mill Simulation and Its Relation to Grinding Rate of Materials in Tumbling Milling.[Asian Particle Technology 2003,(2003)]Hiroto Mori,Hiroshi,Mori,Junya Kano,Fumio Saito
107.Mechanochemical Approach for Preparing Nanostructual Materials.[INCOME2003,(2003),23-]Fumio Saito,Junya Kano,Qiwu Zhang
108.A key Factor in Mechanochemical Dechlorination of PVC.[10th European Symposium on Comminution,(2002)]Junya Kano,Hiroshi Mio,Shu Saeki,Fumio Saito
109.OPTIMUM REVOLUTION AND ROTATIONAL DIRECTION AND THEIR SPEEDS IN PLANETARY BALL MILLING.[10th European Symposium on Comminution,(2002)]Hiroshi Mio,Junya Kano, Fumio Saito,Kantaro Kaneko
110.CO-GRINDING OF LICOO2 WITH PVC LEADING TO CO AND LI EXTRACTION BY WATER.[10th European Symposium on Comminution,(2002)]Shu Saeki,Jaeryeong Lee,Qiwu Zhang,Junya Kano,Fumio Saito
111.Detoxication Dioxins in Soil by Mechanochemical Method.[WORLD CONGRESS ON PARTICLE TECHNOLOGY 4,(2002)]Kaoru Shimme,Takashi Akazawa,Hiroyuki Yamamoto,Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
112.Estimation of Mechanochemical Dechlorination Rate of Poly(vinyl chloride).[Environmental Science and Technology,36(6),(2002),1344-1348]Hiroshi Mio,Shu Saeki,Junya Kano,Fumio Saito
113.Effects of Rotational Direction and Rotation-to-Revolution Speed Ratio in Planetary Ball Milling.[Materials Science and Engineering A,332,(2002),75-80]Hiroshi Mio,Junya Kano,Fumio Saito and Kantaro Kaneko
114.Potential Ability of Grinding and Investigation of its possibility.[Powder Science and Engineering,34,(2002),27-31]Fumio Saito, Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano
115.Complete detoxification process of harmful compounds under nonheating mechanical condition.[The Research Society of Resources Processing, Japan,48,(2002),28-33]Kaoru Shimme, Takashi Akazawa, Tatsuya Matsuo, Fumio Saito, Junya Kano
116.Mechanochemical Approach for Resources Processing.[The Research Society of Resources Processing, Japan,49,(2002),207-210]Fumio Saito, Junya Kano, Qiwu Zhang
117.Optimum Operation and Ball Mill Simulation in Grinding.[Chemical Engineering,66,(2002),706-708]Junya Kano
118.Preparation of Fine Particle and Molecular Design by Mechanochemical Nano-technology.[Plant and Process,44,(2002),23-33]Junya Kano, Qiwu Zhang, Fumio Saito
119.Synthesis of Nano-structural Materials and Development of Powder Production Processes by Means of Mechanochemistry.[Material Stage,2,(2002),44-48]Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
120.Mechanochemical Technology:Application to Material Synthesis and to the Separation and Processing of Recyclable Materials from Wastes.[KONA,19,(2002),7-15]Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano, Fumio Saito
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