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61.Analysis of Granules Behavior in Continuous Drum Mixer by DEM.[ISIJ International,49(5),(2009),645-649]Rikio SODA, Akira SATO, Junya KANO, Eiki KASAI, Fumio SAITO, Masaki, HARA, Takazo KAWAGUCHI
62.Optimization of Physical Parameters of Discrete Element Method for Blast Furnace and Its Application to the Analysis on Solid Motion around Raceway.[ISIJ International,49(9),(2009),1308-1315]Shungo NATSUI, Shigeru UEDA, Masashi OIKAWA, Zhengyun FAN, Junya KANO, Ryo INOUE, Tatsuro ARIYAMA
63.Numerical Simulation Model for Granulation Kinetics of Iron Ores.[Proceeding of International Symposium on Recent Progress on Mathematical Modeling in Ironmaking 2008,(2008),101-108]Junya Kano, Eiki Kasai, Fumio Saito, Takazo Kawaguchi
64.Simultaneous Treatment of PVC and Oyster-Shell Wastes by Mechanochemical Means.[Waste Management,28,(2008),484-488]William Tongamp, Junya Kano, Qiwu Zhang, Fumio Saito
65.Mechanochemical Dechlorination of polyvinyl chloride with Calcium Sulfates.[Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management,10,(2008),140-143]William TONGAMP, Junya KANO, Qiwu ZHANG, Fumio SAITO
66.Preparation of GaN Powder by Mechanochemical Reaction between Ga2O3 and Li3N.[Journal of Alloys and Compounds,464,(2008),337-339]Junya KANO, Eiko KOBAYASHI, William TONGAMP, Fumio SAITO
67.Reduction of Indium(III) Oxide to Indium through Mechanochemical Route.[Chemistry Letters,37(2),(2008),204-205]Junya Kano, Eiko Kobayashi, William Tongamp, Fumio Saito
68.Simulation of beads motion in Stirred milling by DEM.[Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Powder Technology and ICRA Asian Workshop,(2007)]Rikio SODA,Junya KANO,Fumio SAITO
69.Computer simulation for optimization of ball milling and bead milling.[\"Grinding and Dispersing with Stirred Media Mills\" Research and Application,(2007),223-240]Junya Kano, Dariusz Gudin, Fumio Saito
70.Simultaneous Treatment of PVC and Oyster-shell Wastes by Mechanochemical Means.[THE 9th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON EAST ASIAN RESOURCES RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY,(2007),514-517]William Tongamp, Junya Kano, Qiwu Zhang, Fumio Saito
71.Recovery of Indium from ITO Waste by Its Mechanochemical Treatment under N-atmosphere.[THE 9th INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON EAST ASIAN RESOURCES RECYCLING TECHNOLOGY,(2007),507-510]Junya Kano, Eiko Kobayashi, William Tongamp, Fumio Saito
72.Preparation of Powder by Mechanochemical Treatment of Gallium under Ammonia Gas Environment.[Chemistry Letters,36(7),(2007),900-901]Junya Kano, Lu Jenfeng, In-Cheol Kang, William Tongamp, Eiko Kobayashi, Fumio Saito
73.The DEM Simulation of the Media Motion in the Wet Bead Mill.[International Conference on “Mining Material and Petroleum Engineering”The Frontiers of Technology (ICFT2007),(2007)]Junya Kano, Dariusz Gudin, Fumio Saito
74.Prediction of Power Consumption During Planetary Ball Milling by DEM Simulation and Its Correlation with Grinding Rate Constant.[粉体工学会誌,44(3),(2007),180-185]鈴田 裕一朗, 加納 純也, 齋藤 文良
75.Analysis of Abrasion Mechanisms of Grinding Media in a Planetary Mill with DEM Simulation.[粉体,44(3),(2007),186-190]佐藤 英, 加納 純也, 齋藤 文良
76.Estimation of Liner Design in a Tube Mill by Discrete Element Method.[Journal of MMIJ,123(3),(2007),97-102]Hiroshi MIO, Junya KANO, Fumio SAITO, Mitsuhiro ITO
77.Safe Decomposition of Asbestos by Mechano-chemical Reaction.[Proc. The Sixth Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing,(2007)]Ryo Inoue, Junya Kano, Kaoru Shimme, Fumio Saito
78.Mechanochemical Dechlorination of PVC and Oyster-Shell Wastes.[Proc. 4th International Symposium on Feedstock Recycling of Plastics and Other Polymeric Materials,(2007)]J. Kano, W. Tongamp, Q. Zhang, F. Saito
79.Safe Decomposition of Asbestos by Mechano-chemical Reaction.[Materials Science Forum,561-565,(2007),2257-2260]Ryo Inoue, Junya Kano, Kaoru Shimme, Fumio Saito
80.Synthesis of nitrogen doped TiO2 by grinding in gaseous NH3.[Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry,189,(2007),232-238]In-Cheol Kang, Qiwu Zhang, Junya Kano, Shu Yin, Tsugio Sato, Fumio Saito
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