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1.[O] Economic Institutions and Autocratic Breakdown: Monetary Constraints and Fiscal Spending in Dominant Party Regimes.[Journal of Politics,Forthcoming,(2019)]Bodea, Cristina, Calorina Garriga and Masaaki Higashijima
2.[O] Ethnic Inequality and the Strength of Ethnic Identities in Sub-Saharan Africa.[Political Behavior,40(4),(2018),909-932]Higashijima, Masaaki and Christian Houle
3.[B] 現代中央アジア: 政治・経済・社会.[(2018)]宇山智彦 樋渡雅人
4.[O] 選挙権威主義からの民主化:議院内閣制の脅威?.[比較政治学会年報,(19),(2017),1-30]粕谷祐子 東島雅昌
5.[R] 書評: Johan Engvall, the State as Investment Market.[アジア経済,58(3), (2017), 54-57]東島雅昌
6.[R] "Electoral Competition and Ethnic Identities in Eastern Europe.[Max Weber Programme Newsletter, (2016)]Higashijima, Masaaki and Ryo Nakai
7.[O] Elections, Ethnic Parties, and Ethnic Identification in New Democracies: Evidence from the Baltic States.[Studies in Comparative International Development,(2016)]Higashijima, Masaaki and Ryo Nakai
8.[O] Oil and Civil Conflict: Can Public Spending Have a Mitigation Effect?.[World Development,(2016)]Bodea, Cristina, Masaaki Higashijima and Raju Jan Singh
9.[R] The Perils of Parliamentarism: Excecutive Selection Systems and Transitions to Democracy from Electoral Authoritarianism.[European University Institute Working Paper Series, (2016)]Higashijima, Masaaki
10.[R] The Choice of Electoral Systems in Dictatorships.[WIAS Discussion Paper Series, (2016)]Chang, Eric and Masaaki Higashijima
11.[R] Political Business Cycles in Dictatorships.[WIAS Discussion Paper Series, (2016)]Higashijima, Masaaki
12.[R] Guns, Books, or Doctors? Conflict and Public Spending in Haiti: Lessons from Cross-Counry Evidence.[World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series,WPS7681, (2016)]Singh, Raju Jan, Cristina Bodea and Masaaki Higashijima
13.[R] 書評: 競争的権威主義体制における地方政治のダイナミクス.[レヴァイアサン,59, (2016), 202-205]東島雅昌
14.[R] Central Banks and Fiscal Policy: Why Independent Central Banks Can Lead to Lower Fiscal Deficits.[London School of Economics and Political Science Blog on European Politics and Policy, (2015)]Bodea, Cristina and Masaaki Higashijima
15.[B] Contentious Elections: From Ballots to Barricades.[Routledge,(2015)]Masaaki Higashijima
16.[O] Central Bank Independence and Fiscal Policy:Can the Central Bank Restrain Deficit Spending?.[British Journal of Political Science,(2015)]Bodea, Cristina and Masaaki Higashijima
17.[O] The Dictator's Dilemma at the Ballot Box: Electoral Manipulation, Economic Distribution, and Political Order in Authoritarian Regimes.[Ph.D. Dissertation, Political Science Department, Michigan State University,(2015)]Higashijima, Masaaki
18.[O] 中央アジア諸国における選挙制度の「改革」.[選挙研究,31(2),(2015),62-76]東島雅昌
19.[R] Beat Me If You Can: Electoral Dilemma and the Manipulation of Elections in Dictatorships.[the EIP/IDEA Working Paper Series, (2014)]Higashijima, Masaaki
20.[B] 平和構築へのアプローチ: ユーラシア紛争研究の最前線.[吉田書店,(2013)]東島雅昌
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