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1.[O] Facile Preparation of Highly Luminescent Materials by Electrostatic Immobilization of Anionic Metal Complex onto Anion-Exchanger as Exemplified with Tri-Terbium(III) Cluster Complex of Thiacalix[4]arene-p-tetrasulfonate.[Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan,92(11),(2019),1847-1852]Narumi Shiraishi ,Ryunosuke Karashimada , and Nobuhiko Iki
2.[R] 常磁性化学シフト試薬による化学交換飽和移動を利用したMRI.[ぶんせき,(6), (2017), 244]唐島田龍之介
3.[O] Heterotrinuclear Cluster Complex based on Thiacalixarene Enabling f-f Communication.[Proceedings of International Conference on Engineering and Technology 2016,(2016),73-74]Ryunosuke Karashimada
4.[O] Topological modulation of the porous structure of a coordination polymer constructed from a flexible building block via framework-guest interaction during self-assembly.[Crystengcomm,18(6),(2016),872-876]Masuya-Suzuki, Atsuko Matsubara, Nozomi Karashimada, Ryunosuke Hoshino, Hitoshi Iki, Nobuhiko
5.[O] Thiacalixarene assembled heterotrinuclear lanthanide clusters comprising Tb-III and Yb-III enable f-f communication to enhance Yb-III-centred luminescence.[Chem. Commun.,52(15),(2016),3139-3142]Karashimada, Ryunosuke Iki, Nobuhiko
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