Research Activities- JIN Tienan (KIN Tetsuo) -

Development of New Catalytic Performances of Nanoporous Metals

Various nanoporous metals, such as gold, palladium, copper, and multimetals can be fabricated by dealloying of alloys. The nanoporous metals are employed as heterogeneous catalysts for various molecular transformations to explore their catalytic properties for activity and selectivity. Moreover, the nanoporous structures are identified by SEM and TEM to understand the relationship between nanostructure and catalytic propertiy.

Synthesis of New Organic Semiconductors for Optoelectronics Application

1. Various new functionalized fullerenes are synthesized through the new transition metal-catalyzed fucntionalization of fullerene. The resulting functionalized fullerenes are employed as an acceptors for bulk heterojunction solar cells to improve the power conversion efficiency.
2. New hetero aromatic compounds are synthesized through the novel molecular transformations. various new conjugated organic dyes are synthesized by using the resulting heterocyles as donor moiety, and applied to dye-sensitized solar cells to improve the power conversion efficiency.
3. Various luminescence semiconductors are designed and synthesiszed, which are employed as an active layer in OFETs to discover highly efficient light emitting transistor materials.
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