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1.[O] Highly dispersive Au nanoparticles on TiO2 nanofibers as a supported catalyst synthesized from Al-Ti-Au intermetallic compound.[Chemical Engineering Science,211,(2020),115249-]Y.X. Liu, S. Ohhashi, S. Kameoka, A.P. Tsai
2.[O] Ability of hydrogen storage CeNi5-xGax and Mg2Ni alloys to hydrogenate acetylene.[Science and Technology of Advanced Materials,20,(2019),774-785]R. Tsukuda, R. Yamagishi, S. Kameoka, C. Nishimura, A.P. Tsai
3.[R] The emergence of Heuslar alloy catalysts.[Science and Technology of Advanced Materials,20, (2019), 445-455]T. Kojima, S. Kameoka, A.P. Tsai
4.[O] Origins of catalysis for CO oxidation on porous Ag fabricated by leaching of intermetallic Mg3Ag.[Applied Catalysis, A: General,586,(2019),117216-]M.H. Liu, S. Kameoka, K. Nishimoto, S. Ueda and A.P. Tsai
5.[O] Carbon fibers having nano-arched structure on Co-supersaturated Cu foils.[Carbon,147,(2019),154-156]T. Ordaira, S. Kameoka, M. Aono, M. Terauchi, A.P. Tsai
6.[O] Highly selective semi-hydrogenation of acetylene over porous gold with twin boundary defects.[Applied Catalysis, A: General,569,(2019),101-109]S. Kameoka, M. Krajci and A.P. Tsai
7.[O] Effects of Cu oxidation states on the catalysis of NO+CO and N2O+CO reactions.[Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids,125,(2019),64-73]H. Iwamoto, S. Kameoka, Y. Xu, C. Nishimura and A.P. Tsai
8.[O] Fine-tuning of catalysis using Heusler alloys in selective hydrogenation of alkyne: A new potential for old materials.[Science Advance,4,(2018),eaat6063-]T. Kojima, S. Kameoka, S. Fujii, S. Ueda, A.P. Tsai
9.[O] Probing single Pt atoms in Complex Intermetallic Al13Fe4.[J. American Chemical Society,140,(2018),3838-3841]T. Yamada, T. Kojima, E. Abe, S. Kameoka, Y. Murakami, P. Gille and A.P. Tsai
10.[O] Intermetallic: A pseudoelement for catalysis.[Accounts of Chemical Research,50,(2017),2879-2885]A.P. Tsai, S. Kameoka, K. Nozawa, M. Shimoda, Y. Ishii
11.[O] Creating the hydrogen absorption capability of CeNi5 through the addition of Al.[International J. Hydrogen Energy,42,(2017),21832-21840]R. Yamagishi, T. Kojima, S. Kameoka, D. Okuyama, T.J. Sato, C. Nishimura, A.P. Tsai
12.[O] Understanding the catalytic activity of nanoporous gold: Role of twinning in fcc lattice.[Journal of Chemical Physics,147(4),(2017),044713-]M. Krajci, S. Kameoka, A.P. Tsai
13.[O] Hydrogenation of propyne verifying the harmony in surface and bulk compositions for Fe-Ni alloy nanoparticles.[Materials Transactions,58(5),(2017),776-781]T. Kojima, S. Fujieda, G. Kato, S. Kameoka, S. Suzuki, A.P. Tsai
14.[R] 金の触媒作用における新しいメカニズムの提案 -ナノ双晶の役割-.[触媒,59(B), (2017), 78-80]蔡安邦, 亀岡聡, M. Krajci
15.[O] Oxide composite prepared from intermetallic and amorphous Zr67Fe30M3 (M=Au, Pt) alloys and their catalytic activity for CO oxidation.[J. Physics and Chemistry of Solids,100,(2017),49-56]Y.H. Huang, S.F. Wang, S. Kameoka, K. Miyamoto, A.P. Tsai
16.[O] Heusler alloys: A group of novel catalysts.[ACS Omega,2(1),(2017),147-153]T. Kojima, S. Kameoka, A.P. Tsai
17.[O] Heusler alloys: A group of novel catalysts.[ACS Omega,2,(2017),147-153]T. Kojima, S. Kameoka, A.P. Tsai
18.[O] Understanding the catalytic activity of nanoporous gold: role of twinning in fcc lattice.[Journal of Chemical Physics,147,(2017),044713-]M. Krajci, S. Kameoka and A.P. Tsai
19.[O] Intermetallic: A pseudoelement for catalysis.[Account for Chemical Research,50,(2017),2879-2885]A.P. Tsai, S. Kameoka, K. Nozawa, M. Shimoda, Y. Ishii
20.[O] Twinning in fcc lattice creates low-coordinated catalytically active sites in porous gold.[The Journal of Chemical Physics,145(8),(2016),084703-1-084703-6]Marian Krajci, Satoshi Kameoka, An-Pang Tsai
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