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721.Molecular cloning and functional characterization of a new Cap'n' collar family transcription factor Nrf3..[J Biol Chem,274(10),(1999),6443-6452]Kobayashi A, Ito E, Toki T, Kogame K, Takahashi S, Igarashi K, Hayashi N, Yamamoto M
722.R411C mutation of the ALAS2 gene encodes a pyridoxine-responsive enzyme with low activity..[Br J Haematol,103(3),(1998),839-841]Furuyama K, Uno R, Urabe A, Hayashi N, Fujita H, Kondo M, Sassa S, Yamamoto M
723.GATA-1 regulates growth and differentiation of definitive erythroid lineage cells during in vitro ES cell differentiation..[Blood,92(11),(1998),4108-4118]Suwabe N, Takahashi S, Nakano T, Yamamoto M
724.Differential regulation of coproporphyrinogen oxidase gene between erythroid and nonerythroid cells..[Blood,92(9),(1998),3436-3444]Takahashi S, Taketani S, Akasaka J E, Kobayashi A, Hayashi N, Yamamoto M, Nagai T
725.Rescue of the embryonic lethal hematopoietic defect reveals a critical role for GATA-2 in urogenital development..[EMBO J,17(22),(1998),6689-6700]Zhou Y, Lim K C, Onodera K, Takahashi S, Ohta J, Minegishi N, Tsai F Y, Orkin S H, Yamamoto M, Engel J D
726.Reduction of DNA binding activity of the GATA-1 transcription factor in the apoptotic process induced by overexpression of PU.1 in murine erythroleukemia cells..[Exp Cell Res,245(1),(1998),186-194]Yamada T, Kihara-Negishi F, Yamamoto H, Yamamoto M, Hashimoto Y, Oikawa T
727.A core region of the mafK gene IN promoter directs neurone-specific transcription in vivo..[Genes Cells,3(10),(1998),671-684]Motohashi H, Ohta J, Engel J D, Yamamoto M
728.Identification of Bach2 as a B-cell-specific partner for small maf proteins that negatively regulate the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene 3' enhancer..[EMBO J,17(19),(1998),5734-5743]Muto A, Hoshino H, Madisen L, Yanai N, Obinata M, Karasuyama H, Hayashi N, Nakauchi H, Yamamoto M, Groudine M, Igarashi K
729.Chromatin immunoselection defines a TAL-1 target gene..[EMBO J,17(17),(1998),5151-5160]Cohen-Kaminsky S, Maouche-Chretien L, Vitelli L, Vinit M A, Blanchard I, Yamamoto M, Peschle C, Romeo P H
730.転写調節 L-NMMAによるエリスロポエチン遺伝子発現抑制が腎性貧血の一因である.[生化学,70(8),(1998),783]樽本 高寿, 大嶺 謙, 小澤 敬也, 鈴木 教郎, 山本 雅之, 樋口 正人, 今井 信雄, 今川 重彦
731.Role of GATA-1 in proliferation and differentiation of definitive erythroid and megakaryocytic cells in vivo..[Blood,92(2),(1998),434-442]Takahashi S, Komeno T, Suwabe N, Yoh K, Nakajima O, Nishimura S, Kuroha T, Nagasawa T, Yamamoto M
732.Impaired megakaryopoiesis and behavioral defects in mafG-null mutant mice..[Genes Dev,12(14),(1998),2164-2174]Shavit J A, Motohashi H, Onodera K, Akasaka J, Yamamoto M, Engel J D
733.Mechanisms of transcription in eosinophils: GATA-1, but not GATA-2, transactivates the promoter of the eosinophil granule major basic protein gene..[Blood,91(9),(1998),3447-3458]Yamaguchi Y, Ackerman S J, Minegishi N, Takiguchi M, Yamamoto M, Suda T
734.Multivalent DNA binding complex generated by small Maf and Bach1 as a possible biochemical basis for beta-globin locus control region complex..[J Biol Chem,273(19),(1998),11783-11790]Igarashi K, Hoshino H, Muto A, Suwabe N, Nishikawa S, Nakauchi H, Yamamoto M
735.Structure and chromosome mapping of the human small maf-genes MAFG and MAFK..[Cytogenet Cell Genet,82(1月2日),(1998),88-90]Iwata T, Kogame K, Toki T, Yokoyama M, Yamamoto M, Ito E
736.Ablation of Nrf2 function does not increase the erythroid or megakaryocytic cell lineage dysfunction caused by p45 NF-E2 gene disruption..[J Biochem,123(3),(1998),376-379]Kuroha T, Takahashi S, Komeno T, Itoh K, Nagasawa T, Yamamoto M
737.Deficient heme and globin synthesis in embryonic stem cells lacking the erythroid-specific delta-aminolevulinate synthase gene..[Blood,91(3),(1998),798-805]Harigae H, Suwabe N, Weinstock P H, Nagai M, Fujita H, Yamamoto M, Sassa S
738.Alternative promoters regulate transcription of the mouse GATA-2 gene..[J Biol Chem,273(6),(1998),3625-3634]Minegishi N, Ohta J, Suwabe N, Nakauchi H, Ishihara H, Hayashi N, Yamamoto M
739.Regulation of NF-E2 activity in erythroleukemia cell differentiation..[J Biol Chem,273(9),(1998),5358-5365]Nagai T, Igarashi K, Akasaka J, Furuyama K, Fujita H, Hayashi N, Yamamoto M, Sassa S
740.Differential roles of GATA-1 and GATA-2 in growth and differentiation of mast cells..[Genes Cells,3(1),(1998),39-50]Harigae H, Takahashi S, Suwabe N, Ohtsu H, Gu L, Yang Z, Tsai F Y, Kitamura Y, Engel J D, Yamamoto M
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