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1.Strong flux pinning by columnar defects with directional dependent morphologies in GdBCO coated conductors irradiated with 80 MeV Xe ions.[Japanese Journal of Applied Physics,59,(2020),023001-]T. Sueyoshi, T. Kotaki, Y. Furuki, T. Fujiyoshi, S. Semboshi, T. Ozaki, H. Sakane, M. Kudo, K. Yasuda, N. Ishikawa
2.Effect of composition on the strength and electrical conductivity of Cu-Ti binary alloy wires fabricated by aging and intense drawing.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A,50A,(2019),1389-1396]S. Semboshi, Y. Kaneno, T. Takasugi, S.Z. Han, N. Masahashi
3.Age-induced Precipitation and Hardening Behavior of Ni3Al Intermetallic Alloys Containing Vanadium.[Metals,9,(2019),160-]S. Semboshi, R. Sasaki, Y. Kaneno, T. Takasugi
4.Effect of transition metal addition on microstructure and hardening behavior of two phase Ni3Al-Ni3V intermetallic alloys.[Materialia,5,(2019),100173-]K. Ioroi, Y. Kaneno, S. Semboshi, T. Takasugi
5.Effect of prior cold working before aging on the precipitation behavior in a Cu-3.5 wt% Ti alloy.[Journal of Korea Institute of Metals and Materials,57,(2019),10-17]M. Jo, E.-A. Choi, J.H. Ahn, Y.G. Son, K. Kim, J. Lee, S. Semboshi, S.Z. Han
6.Alloy design and fabrication of ingots in Cu-Zn-Mn-Ni-Sn high-entropy and Cu-Zn-Mn-Ni medium-entropy brasses.[Materials and Design,181,(2019),107900-]T. Nagase, A. Shibata, M. Matsumuro, M. Takemura, S. Semboshi
7.Microstructures and tensile properties of off-stoichiometric Ni3Al-Ni3V pseudo-binary alloys.[Journal of Materials Research,34,(2019),3061-3070]K. Ioroi, Y. Kaneno, S. Semboshi, T. Takasugi
8.Accelerating heterogeneous nucleation to increase hardness and electrical conductivity by deformation prior to aging for Cu-4 at.% Ti alloy.[Philosophical Magazine Letter,99,(2019),275-283]S.Z. Han, S. Semboshi, J. H. Ahn, E.-A. Choi, M. Cho, Y. Kadoi, K. Kim
9.Thermal conductivity of Ni3(Si,Ti) single-phase alloys.[Intermetallics,92,(2018),119-125]S. Semboshi, T. Takeuchi, Y. Kaneno, A. Iwase, T. Takasugi
10.Effects of W addition combined without and with Nb addition on microstructural development and hardening behavior of two-phase Ni3Al-Ni3V Intermetallic Alloys.[Materials Transaction,59,(2018),204-213]A. Uekami, S. Semboshi, Y. Kaneno, T. Takasugi
11.Microstructural subsequence and phase equilibria in an age-hardenable Cu-Ni-Si alloy.[Materials Transaction,59,(2018),182-187]S. Semboshi, M. Ishikuro, A. Iwase, T. Takasugi
12.Effect of elastic collisions and electronic excitation on lattice structure of NiTi bulk intermetallic compound irradiated with energetic ions.[Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B (NIMB),427,(2018),14-19]M. Ochi, H. Kojima, F. Hori, Y. Kaneno, S. Semboshi, Y. Saitoh, Y. Okamoto, N. Ishikawa, and A. Iwase
13.High strength and high electrical conductivity Cu-Ti alloy wires fabricated by aging and subsequent severe drawing.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A,49A,(2018),4956-4965]S. Semboshi, Y. Kaneno, T. Takasugi, N. Masahashi
14.Microstructure and Properties of Laser Clad Ni-Base Intermetallic Alloys Reinforced with Carbide Particles.[Journal of the Japan Institute of Metals,82,(2018),451-460]M. Tanaka, T. Yamaguchi, S. Semboshi, Y. Kaneno, T. Takasugi
15.Kinetics and equilibrium of age-induced precipitation in CuTi binary alloys.[Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A,48,(2017),1501-1511]S. Semboshi, S. Amano, J. Fu, A. Iwase, T. Takasugi
16.Radiation enhanced precipitation of solute atoms in AlCu binary alloys–energetic ion irradiation experiment and computer simulation-.[Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan,142,(2017),9-14]R. Mayumi, S. Semboshi, Y. Okamoto, Y. Saito, T. Yoshiie, A. Iwase
17.Thermal stability of energetic ion irradiation induced amorphization for Ni3Nb and Ni3Ta intermetallic compounds.[Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan,42,(2017),41-45]H. Kojima, M. Ochi, Y. Kaneno, S. Semboshi, F. Hori, Y. Saitoh, A. Iwase
18.Grain boundary character dependence on nucleation of discontinuous precipitates in age-hardenable Cu-Ti alloy.[Materials,10,(2017),415-]S. Semboshi, M. Sato, Y. Kaneno, T. Takasugi, A. Iwase
19.Ion species/energy dependence of irradiation-induced lattice structure transformation and surface hardness of Ni3Nb and Ni3Ta intermetallic compounds.[Materials Transaction,58,(2017),739-748]H. Kojima, Y. Kaneno, M. Ochi, S. Semboshi, F. Hori, Y. Saitoh, N. Ishikawa, Y. Okamoto, A. Iwase
20.Microstructures and hardness properties of laser clad Ni base two-phase intermetallic alloy coating.[Journal of Materials Research,32,(2017),4531-4540]T. Okuno, Y. Kaneno, T. Yamaguchi, S. Semboshi, H. Hagino, T. Takasugi
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