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21.[O] Abiotic formation of valine peptides under conditions of high temperature and high pressure.[Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 42,(2012), 519-531] Furukawa Y., Otake T., Ishiguro T., Nakazawa H., Kakegawa T.
22.[O] Impact-induced phyllosilicate formation from olivine and water.[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 75,(2011), 6461-6472] Furukawa Y., Sekine T., Kakegawa T., Nakazawa H.
23.[O] Stability of amino acids and their oligomerization under high-pressure conditions: Implications for prebiotic chemistry.[Astrobiology, 11,(2011), 799-813] Otake T., Taniguchi T., Furukawa Y., Kawamura F., Nakazawa H., Kakegawa T.
24.[O] New silica clathrate minerals that are isostructural with natural gas hydrates.[Nature Communications, 2,(2011), 196-] Momma K., Ikeda T., Nishikubo K., Takahashi N., Honma C., Takada M., Furukawa Y., Nagase T., Kudoh Y.
25.[R] Formation of organic compounds by oceanic impacts of meteors on the early Earth.[The Japan Society for Planetary Science Planetary People, 18, (2009), 226-23] Furukawa Y., Sekine T., Oba M., Kakegawa T., Nakazawa H.
26.[R] Formation of ammonia and organic molecules by oceanic impact of meteorite.[The Japan Society of High Pressure Science and Technology Review of High Pressure Science and Technology, 19, (2009), 195-200] Yoshihiro Furukawa
27.[O] Biomolecule formation by oceanic impacts on early Earth.[Nature Geoscience, 2,(2009), 62-66] Furukawa Y., Sekine T., Oba M., Nakazawa H., Kakegawa T.
28.[O] An interlaboratory study of TEX86 and BIT analysis using high-performance liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry.[Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems, 10,(2009), Q03012-] Schouten S. E., Hopmans C., van der Meer J., Mets A., Bard E., Bianchi T. S., Diefendorf A., Escala M., Freeman K. H., Furukawa Y., Huguet C., Ingalls A., Ménot-Combes G., Nederbragt A. J., Oba M., Pearson A., Pearson E. J., Rosell-Melé A., Schaeffer P., Shah S. R., Shanahan T. M., Smith R. W., Smittenberg R., Talbot H. M., Uchida M., Van Mooy B. A. S., Yamamoto M., Zhang Z., Sinninghe Damsté J. S.
29.[R] Possibility of amino acid formation in locally reduced environments on the early Earth.[Viva Origino, 35, (2007), 98-100] Yoshihiro Furukawa
30.[O] Formation of ultrafine particles from impact-generated supercritical water.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 258,(2007), 543-549] Furukawa Y., Nakazawa H., Sekine T., Kakegawa T.
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