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1.[B] 地球科学の事典.[朝倉書店,(2018)]鳥海光弘 他
2.[B] 図説 地球科学の辞典.[(2018)]古川善博、飯塚毅、玄田英典(担当部分)
3.[O] Temperature-induced oligomerization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at ambient and high pressures.[Scientific Reports, 7,(2017), 7889-] Chanyshev A. D., Litasov K. D., Furukawa Y., Kokh K. A. Shatskiy A. F.
4.[R] Borate and the Origin of RNA: A Model for the Precursors to Life.[Elements, 13, (2017), 261-265] Furukawa Y., Kakegawa T.
5.[O] Effects of glycine, water, ammonia, and ammonium bicarbonate on the oligomerization of methionine.[Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 47,(2017), 145-160] Huang R., Furukawa Y., Otake T., Kakegawa T.,
6.[O] Racemization of Valine by Impact-Induced Heating.[Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres,(2017)] Furukawa Y., Takase A.,Sekine T., Kakegawa T., Kobayashi T.
7.[O] Adsorption of RNA on mineral surfaces and mineral precipitates.[Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 13,(2017), 383-404]Biondi E., Furukawa Y., Kawai J., Benner S. A.
8.[O] Evaporite borate-containing mineral ensembles make phosphate available and regiospecifically phosphorylate ribonucleosides: borate as a multifaceted problem solver in prebiotic chemistry.[Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55,(2016), 15816-15820] Kim H.J., Furukawa Y., Kakegawa T., Bita A., Scorei R., Benner S. A.
9.[O] Morphological changes of olivine grains reacted with amino acid solutions by impact process.[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals,(2016),203-212]Umeda Y., Takase A., Fukunaga N., Sekine T., Kobayashi T., Furukawa Y., Kakegawa T.,
10.[O] Effects of silicate, phosphate, and calcium on the stability of aldopentoses.[Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 46,(2016),189-202] Nitta S., Furukawa Y., Kakegawa T.
11.[R] 核酸の起源.[細胞工学,35, (2016), 107-110]古川善博
12.[O] Survivability and reactivity of glycine and alanine in early oceans: effects of meteorite impacts.[Journal of Biological Physics, 42,(2016),177-198] Umeda Y., Fukunaga N., Sekine T., Furukawa Y., Kakegawa T., Kobayashi T., Nakazawa H.
13.[R] 初期地球における隕石衝突によるアミノ酸および核酸塩基の生成に関する研究.[地球化学, 50, (2016), 1-9] 古川善博
14.[O] Nucleobase and amino acid formation through impacts of meteorites on the early ocean.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 429,(2015), 216-222] Furukawa Y., Nakazawa H., Sekine T., Kobayashi T., Kakegawa T.
15.[O] Shock wave synthesis of amino acids from solutions of ammonium formate and ammonium bicarbonate.[Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 16,(2015)] Suzuki C., Furukawa Y., Kobayashi T., Sekine T., Nakazawa H., Kakegawa T.
16.[O] Abiotic regioselective phosphorylation of adenosine with borate in formamide.[Astrobiology, 15,(2015), 259-267] Furukawa Y., Kim H., Hutter D., Benner S. A.
17.[O] Oligomerization and carbonization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at high pressure and temperature.[Carbon, 84,(2015), 225-235] Chanyshev A. D., Litasov K. D., Shatskiy A. F., Furukawa Y., Yoshino T., Ohtani E.
18.[O] Stability conditions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at high pressures and temperatures.[Geochemistry International, 52,(2014), 767-772] Chanyshev A. D., Litasov K. D., Shatskiy A. F., Furukawa Y., and Ohtani E.
19.[O] Exploration of Enceladus’ water-rich plumes toward understanding of chemistry and biology of the interior ocean.[Aerospace Technology Japan, The ISTS Special Issue of Transactions of JSASS, 12,(2014), Tk7-Tk11]Sekine Y., Takano Y., Yano H., Funase R., Takai K., Ishihara M., Shibuya T., Tachibana S., Kuramoto K., Yabuta H., Kimura J., Furukawa Y.
20.[O] Experimental investigation of formation of volatiles by heating of meteorite constituent materials in humid nitrogen.[Icarus, 231,(2014), 77-82] Furukawa Y., Samejima T., Nakazawa H., Kakegawa T.
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