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21.ヒューマイトグループ鉱物の圧縮特性:ヒューム石について.[東京工業大学共同利用研究報告書2014 - 2015,19,(2015),82-83]栗林貴弘
22.Structural Properties of (Al, H)-Bearing Bridgmanite, MgSi0.9Al0.1H0.1O3.[Photon Factory Activity Reports 2014 Part B,32,(2015),152]Kuribayashi, T., Inoue, T., Fujino, K.,Nagase T.
23.Observation of pressure-induced phase transition of δ-AlOOH by using single-crystal synchrotron X-ray diffraction method.[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals,41,(2014),303-312]Kuribayashi, T., Sano, A. and Nagase, T
24.Crystal structure analysis of postd-AlOOH at 8.2 GPa.[Crystal structure analysis of post d-AlOOH at 8.2 GPa,(31),(2014),310-]T. Kuribayashi, A. Sano-Furukawa and T. Nagase
25.Nagase Single-crystal X-ray diffraction study on Al, H-bearing MgSiO3.[. Photon Factory Activity Reports 2013 Part B,31,(2014),299]T. Kuribayashi, T. Inoue, K. Fujino and T. Nagase
26.新規に合成されたAlに富む高圧含水相の結晶構造解析.[愛媛大学GRC, PRIUS2014年度研究成果報告書,(2014)]栗林貴弘,長瀬敏郎,井上徹
28.In situ high-temperature single-crystal X-ray diffraction study on scolecite.[東京工業大学共同利用研究報告書2013 - 2014,(18),(2014),64-65]栗林貴弘,内田貴大,長瀬敏郎
29.Texture of lutecite.[Journal of Mineralogical Petrological Sciences,108,(2013),87-93]Nagase, T., Momma, K., Kuribayashi, T. and Tanaka, M
30.Achiral Metastable Crystals of Sodium Chlorate Forming Prior to Chiral Crystals in Solution Growth.[Crystal Growth & Design,13,(2013),5188-5192]Niinomi H., Yamazaki T., Harada S., Ujihara T., Miura H., Kimura Y., Kuribayashi T., Uwaha M., Tsukamoto K.
31.Spinelの700°Cにおけるアニーリングと単結晶高温その場結晶構造解析, 東京工業大学共同利用研究報告書.[東京工業大学共同利用研究報告書2012 - 2013,17,(2013),41-42]栗林貴弘,長田直
32.The effects of pressure on the δ-AlOOH and post-transition phase up to 14 GPa.[Photon Factory Activity Reports,2012(Part B),(2013),243-]T. Kuribayashi, A. Sano-Furukawa and T. Nagase
33.Tanohataite, LiMn2Si3O8(OH), a new mineral from Tanohata mine, Iwate prefecture, Japan.[Journal of Mineralogical Petrological Sciences,107,(2012),149-154]Nagase, T., Hori, H., Kitamine, M., Nagashima, M., Abduriyim, A. and Kuribayashi, T.
34.) 3.5GPaの高圧下におけるsuper hydrous phase B相の電子密度.[東京工業大学共同利用研究報告書2010 - 2011,15,(2011)]栗林貴弘
36.Investigation of hydrogen sites of wadsleyite: A neutron diffraction study.[Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors,189,(2011),56-62]Sano, A., Kuribayashi, T., Komatsu, K., Yagi, T. and Ohtani, E
37.Refinement of hydrogen position in super hydrous phase B, Mg10Si3H4O18, under high-pressure condition using single-crystal diffraction data.[Photon Factory Activity Reports,28,(2011),in press-]T. Kuribayashi
38.Estimation of hydrogen position in (Fe, Al)-bearing phase E structure using single-crystal diffraction data.[Photon Factory Activity Reports,28,(2011),in press-]H. Uchiyama, T. Kuribayashi, Y. Kudoh
39.Estimation of hydrogen position in super hydrous phase B, Mg10Si3H4O18, at 1.0 GPa using single-crystal diffraction data.[Photon Factory Activity Reports,27,(2010),192-]T. Kuribayashi, Y. Kudoh
40.Orientational ordering of three SiO4 tetrahedra in α'-Ca1.5Sr0.5SiO4 that satisfies bond-valence requirements and avoids O-O repulsion.[Journal of Mineralogical Petrological Sciences,104,(2009),234-240]Itoh H., Nishi F., Kuribayashi T. and Kudoh Y
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