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81.[O] Structure and cation disorder of hydrous ringwoodite.[Physics and Chemistry of Minerals,27,(2000),474-479]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Mizohata H. and Ohtani E.
82.[O] Crystal Structure of g-Mg1.97SiH0.03O4 synthesized at 22 GPa and 1680 C..[KEK Progress Report,(1999),210]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Mizohata H., Ohtani E., Sasaki S., Tanaka M.
83.[O] Crystal Structure of Chondrodite at 5.5 GPa.[KEK Progress Report,(1998),117]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Nagase T., Sasaki S., Tanaka M.
84.[O] Crystal structures of the {011}, {610} and {010} growth sectors of brewsterite.[American Mineralogist,81,(1996),1501-1506]Akizuki M., Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T.
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