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41.[O] X-ray thermal diffuse scattering study of CdTe to examine elastic constants under high pressure.[KEK Activity Report,25,(2008),B183-]Ohtsu D., Okube M.,Kuribayashi T.,Kudoh Y.,Nakao A., Sasaki S.
42.[O] Ferroelastic and high-low spin transition by MEM using single crystal and X-ray emmision to 100 GPa.[実験,A64,(2008)]Yamanaka T.,Kuribayashi T.,Mao H-k.,Hemley R.,Shu J., Liermann HP.,Yang W.,Xiao YM.,Dera P.,Mao W.
43.[O] T, 2T and 4T wollastonites derived by the Ge substitution.[Acta Crystallographica,A64,(2008),C498-]Nishi F.,Kudoh Y.,Kuribayshi T.
44.[O] The role of Japanese twin boundary in quartz as a source of Brazil twin.[Acta Crystallographica,A64,(2008),C591-]Momma K,.Nagase T.,Kudoh Y.,Kuribayashi T.
45.[O] The effects of G-OH replacement on the compression of super hydrous phase B structure.[Acta Crystallographica,A64,(2008),C90-]Kuribayashi T.,Nagase T.,Kojitani H.,Akaogi M.,Hemley R.,Mao H-k.,Kudoh Y.
46.[R] Structural variations of humite minerals and phase A under high-pressure conditions.[日本結晶学会誌,49(4), (2007)]栗林貴弘
47.[O] 高圧下におけるヒューマイト族鉱物とphase Aの結晶構造変化.[日本結晶学会誌,49(4),(2007),249-254]栗林貴弘
48.[O] Cation vacancies and possible hydrogen atom positions in Fe-bearing hydrous forsterite, Mg1.85Fe0.14Si0.99H0.06O4, synthesized at 13.5 GPa and 1400 °C.[Journal of Mineralogical Petrological Sciences,102,(2007),306-310]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Litasov K., Ohtani E.
49.[O] Single crystal X-ray diffraction study of high-pressure phases of KHCO3.[American Mineralogist,92,(2007),1270-1275]Komatsu K., Kagi H., Nagai T., Kuribayashi T., Parise JB., Kudoh Y.
50.[O] Pressure dependence of u parameter of hydrous-ringwoodite up to 7.9 GPa.[Journal of Mineralogical Petrological Sciences,102,(2007),8-11]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Mizobata H., Ohtani E., Sasaki S., Tanaka M.
51.[O] Crystal structures of high-pressure phases in the alumina-water system: I. Single crystal X-ray diffraction and molecular dynamics simulation of h-Al(OH)3.[Zeitschrift f_r Kristallographie,222,(2007),1-12]Komatsu K., Kuribayashi T., Kudoh Y., Kagi H.
52.[O] Effect of Pressure on the crystal structure of phase G(D), Mg1.24Si1.76H2.48O6.[KEK Progress Report,(2007)]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Mizobata H., Ohtani E., Sasaki S., Tanaka M.
53.[O] Pressure induced amorphization of portlandite, Ca(OH)2 around 6 GPa..[KEK Progress Report,(2007)]Takahara K., Kuribayashi T., Kudoh Y.
54.[O] Cation vacancy and possible hydrogen positions in hydrous forsterite, Mg1.985Si0.993H0.06O4, synthesized at 13.5 GPa and 1300 °C.[Journal of Mineralogical Petrological Sciences,101,(2006),265-269]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Kagi H., Inoue T.
55.[O] Single crystal X-ray diffraction study of high pressure phase of gibbsite.[KEK Progress Report,(2006)]Komatsu K., Kuribayashi T., Kudoh, Y.
56.[O] The crystal structures of natural norbergite at 4.7 and 6.3 GPa conditions.[KEK Progress Report,(2006)]Kuribayashi T., Tanaka M.,Kudoh Y.
57.[O] Bulk modulus and linear compressibilities of phase G, Mg1.24Si1.76H2.48O6..[KEK Progress Report,(2006)]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Mizobata H., Ohtani E., Sasaki S., Tanaka M.
58.[O] Pressure dependence of the OH-stretching mode in F-rich natural topaz and topaz-OH.[American Mineralogist,90,(2005),266-270]Komatsu K., Kagi H., Okada T., Kuribayashi T., Parise JB., Kudoh Y.
59.[O] The compressibility of natural norbergite, Mg2.98Fe0.01Ti0.02Si0.99O8(OH0.31F1.69).[KEK Progress Report,(2005),200]Kuribayashi T., Tanaka M.,Kudoh Y.
60.[O] Effect of hydrogen on the density and compressibility of hydrous-ringwoodite.[KEK Progress Report,(2005),197]Kudoh Y., Kuribayashi T., Mizobata H., Ohtani E., Sasaki S., Tanaka M.
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