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21.[R] 南西諸島における沿岸生態系の現状と保全の課題.[(社)土木学会 土木学会誌,98(12), (2013), 32-33]坂巻隆史
22.[O] New records of the genus Pagurixus Melin, 1939 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Paguridae) from the Ryukyu Islands, southwestern Japan, with description of a new species of the genus.[Zootaxa,3669,(2013),350-366]M. Osawa, T. Kawai, T. Sakamaki
23.[O] Nonlinear variation of stream-forest linkage along a stream-size gradient: an assessment using biogeochemical proxies of in-stream fine particulate organic matter.[Journal of Applied Ecology,50,(2013),1019-1027]T. Sakamaki, J. S. Richardson
24.[O] First Record of the Diogenid Hermit Crab Aniculus erythraeus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura) from Japan.[Species Diversity,(18),(2013),1-6]M. Osawa, T. Sakamaki, T. Kawai
25.[O] 河口干潟における河川由来有機物の動態と底生動物による利用.[日本生態学会誌,(61),(2011),63-69]坂巻隆史
26.[O] 水理観測と同位体分析に基づく干潟底質細粒画分の動態解析―沖縄県大浦川河口における事例―.[土木学会論文集G,(67),(2011),69-77]宮平譲,坂巻隆史
27.[O] Biogeochemical properties of fine particulate organic matter as indicators to assess local and catchment impacts on forested streams.[Journal of Applied Ecology,(48),(2011),1462-1471]T. Sakamaki,J. S. Richardson
28.[O] Watershed effects on chemical properties of sediment and primary consumption in estuarine tidal flats: importance of watershed size and food selectivity by macrobenthos..[Ecosystems,(13),(2010),328-337]T. Sakamaki, J. Y. T Shum,J. S. Richardson
29.[O] Are riparian forest buffers an effective conservation strategy for terrestrial fauna? An assessment using meta-analysis.[Ecological Applications,(20),(2010),126-134]L. B. Marczak, T. Sakamaki, S. L. Turvey, I. Deguise, S. L. R. Wood ,J. S. Richardson
30.[O] 浅海域における有機物フローに関わる物理・化学過程.[沿岸海洋研究,(47),(2009),11-18]坂巻隆史,西村修
31.[O] Is sediment mud content a significant predictor of macrobenthos abundance in low mud content tidal flats?.[Marine and Freshwater Research,(60),(2009),160-167]T. Sakamaki ,O. Nishimura
32.[O] Dietary responses of tidal flat macrobenthos to reduction of benthic microalgae: a test for potential use of allochthonous organic matter.[Marine Ecology Progress Series,(386),(2009),107-113]T. Sakamaki ,J. S. Richardson
33.[B] 河川汽水域における化学的環境とその変動,河川汽水域―その保全と再生に向けて―.[技報堂出版,(2008)]西村修,坂巻隆史,山田一裕
34.[O] Retention, breakdown and biological utilisation of broadleaf deciduous tree leaves in an estuarine tidal flat of southwestern British Columbia, Canada.[Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences,(65),(2008),38-46]T. Sakamaki ,J. S. Richardson
35.[O] Effects of small rivers on chemical properties of sediment and diets for primary consumers in estuarine tidal flats: a comparison between forested and agricultural watersheds.[Marine Ecology Progress Series,(360),(2008),13-24]T. Sakamaki ,J. S. Richardson
36.[O] 干潟における底質有機物含有率の動的平衡性:干潟生態系再生への応用に関する考察.[土木学会論文集G,(67),(2008),250-261]坂巻隆史,西村修
37.[O] Physical control of sediment carbon content in an estuarine tidal flat system (Nanakita River, Japan): a mechanistic case study.[Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science,(73),(2007),781-971]T. Sakamaki ,O. Nishimura
38.[R] 河口干潟における堆積有機物の物理的制御機構.[月刊海洋,39, (2007), 586-590]坂巻隆史
39.[O] 底質性状の異なる干潟の生物学的炭素収支.[土木学会論文集G,(62),(2006),278-286]小川洋子,坂巻隆史,野村宗弘,中野和典,西村修
40.[O] Tidal time scale variation in nutrient flux across the sediment-water interface of an estuarine tidal flat.[Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science,(67),(2006),653-663]T. Sakamaki, O. Nishimura ,R. Sudo
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