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61.Application of FIB system to ultra-high pressure Earth science.[Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences,103,(2008),88-93]Miyahara M., Sakai T., Kobayashi Y., Ohtani E., Kondo T., Nagase T., Yoo J.-H., Nishijima M. and Vashaei Z
62.Fractional crystallization of olivine melt inclusions in a shock-induced chondritic melt vein.[Annual report of Bayerisches Forschungsinstitut fur Experimentelle Geochemie und Geophysik, Universitat Bayreuth,2008,(2008),162-165]M. Miyahara., A. El Goresy, E. Ohtani., S. Ozawa, T. Nagase and M. Nishijima
63.Further evidence for ubiquitous fractional crystallization of wadsleyite and ringwoodite from olivine melt.[Meteoritics & Planetary Science,43,(2008),A102-]Miyahara M., Kimura M., Ohtani E., El Goresy A., Ozawa S., Nagase T. and Nishijima M.
64.The role of Japanese twin boundary in quartz as a source of Brazil twin..[Acta Crystallographica,A64,(2008),C591-]Momma K,.Nagase T.,Kudoh Y.,Kuribayashi T.
65.The effects of G-OH replacement on the compression of super hydrous phase B structure..[Acta Crystallographica,A64,(2008),C90-]Kuribayashi T.,Nagase T.,Kojitani H.,Akaogi M.,Hemley R.,Mao H-k.,Kudoh Y.
66.The study of fine-grained interstice filling materials in chondrule and the fine-grained rim within Cold Bokkeveld chondrite by FIB-TEM/STEM.[Meteoritics & Planetary Science,42,(2007),A110-]M. Miyahara, S. Uehara, E. Ohtani., T. Nagase and R. Kitagawa
67.Fe-Mg partitioning between post-perovskite and magnesiowustite.[Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta,70(18),(2006),A329-]T. Kondo, T. Sakai, Y. Kobayashi, E. Ohtani, M. Masaaki, J.-H. Yoo and T. Nagase
68.Appearance of basal faces in natural amethyst crystals from Four Peaks.[European Journal of Mineralogy,18(2),(2006),273-278]Kawasaki, M., Nagase, T., Onuma, K., Katsumata, T., Sunagawa, I
69.Fe-Mg partitioning between (Mg, Fe)SiO3 post-perovskite, perovskite, and magnesiowuestite in the Earth's lower mantle.[GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS,32(19),(2005),L19301-]Kobayashi, Y., Kondo, T., Ohtani, E., Hirao, N., Miyajima, N., Yagi, T., Nagase, T., and Kikegawa, T.
70.Formation of metastable cubic-perovskite in high-pressure phase transformation of Ca(Mg,Fe,Al)Si2O6,.[AMERICAN MINERALOGIST,90(2-3),(2005),457-462]Asahara, Y., Ohtani, E., Kondo, T., Kubo, T., Miyajima, N., Nagase, T., Fujino, K., Yagi, T., and Kikegawa, T.
72.Angle-resolved photoemission study of CoSi2 nanofilms grown on Si(111) substrates.[Solid State Communications,121(2),(2004),91-95]Hiroyuki Sasaki, Akinori Tanaka, Yosuke Kuriyama, Tazumi Nagasawa, Yuitsu Takeda, Shoji Suzuki, Shigeru Satoa and Toshiro Nagase
73.Ce anomalies in the 2.6-2.4 Ga Kalkkloof paleosol in South Africa: Evidence for the early development of an oxygenated atmosphere.[GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA,67(18),(2003),A528-]Watanabe Y, Nagase T, Ohmoto H
74.Mechanisms and kinetics of the post-garnet transformation in natural pyrope.[GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA,67(18),(2003),A238-]Kubo T, Ohtani E, Hososya T, Kondo T, Kikegawa T, Nagase T
75.Fluidization and melting of fault gouge during seismic slip: Identification in the Nojima fault zone and implications for focal earthquake mechanisms.[Journal of Geophysical Research,108(B4),(2003),2192-2208]Kenshiro Otsuki, Nobuaki Monzawa, Toshiro Nagase
76.白頭山(長白山)の爆発的噴火史の再検討.[東北アジア研究,7,(2003),93-110]宮本 毅,中川光弘,大場 司,長瀬敏郎,菅野均志,大場 司,北村繁,谷口宏充
77.Metastable garnet in oceanic crust at the top of the lower mantle.[Nature,429,(2002),803-806]T. Kubo, E. Ohtani, T. Kondo, T. Kato, M. Toma, T. Hoaoya, A. Sano, T. Kikegawa, T. Nagase
78.Interfacial energies for quartz and albite in pelitic schist.[Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology,143(6),(2002),664-672]Takehiko Hiraga, Osamu Nishikawa, Toshiro Nagase, Mizuhiko Akizuki and David L. Kohlstedt
80.Quantitative analyses of Brazil twin defects in chalcedony by X-ray powder diffraction method..[KEK Progress Report,(2002)]25) T. Nagase, M. Abiko, M. Tanaka
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