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22.Extraterrestrial jadeite in a shocked meteorite.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,373,(2013),102-108]Miyahara M., Ozawa S., Ohtani E., Kimura M., Kubo T., Sakai T., Nagase T., Nishijima M. and Hirao N.
23.Texture of lutecite.[Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences,108(2),(2013),87-93]Toshiro NAGASE, Koichi MOMMA, Takahiro KURIBAYASHI and Masahiko TANAKA
24.Discovery of seifertite in a shocked lunar meteorite.[Nature Communications,4(1737),(2013)]Masaaki Miyahara, Shohei Kaneko, Eiji Ohtani, Takeshi Sakai, Toshiro Nagase,Masahiro Kayama, Hirotsugu Nishido & Naohisa Hirao
25.Jadeite formation in shocked ordinary chondrites.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,373(1),(2013),102-108]Masaaki Miyahara, Shin Ozawa, Eiji Ohtani, Makoto Kimura, Tomoaki Kubo, Takeshi Sakai, Toshiro Nagase, Masahiko Nishijima, Naohisa Hirao
26.Shimazakiite-4M and-4O, Ca2B2O5, two polytypes of a new mineral from Fuka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan.[Mineralogical Magazine,77(1),(2013),93-105]I. Kusachi, S. Kobayashi, Y. Takechi, Y. Nakamuta, T. Nagase, K. Yokoyama, K. Momma,R. Miyawaki,M. Shigeoka And S. Matsubara.
27.Crystal structures of swelling minerals.[Photon Factory Activity Reports 2012,30,(2013),246-]T. Nagase, T. Kuribayashi, K.Momma and I. Kusachi
28.Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Experiments of a Silica Clathrate Mineral Chibaite.[Photon Factory Activity Reports 2012,30,(2013),244-]K. Momma, R. Miyawaki, T. Kuribayashi, T. Nagase
29.The Effects of Pressure on the δ-AlOOH and Post-Transition Phase up to 14 Gpa.[Photon Factory Activity Reports 2012,30,(2013),243-]T. Kuribayashi, A. Sano-Furukawa and T. Nagase
30.Tanohataite, LiMn2Si3O8(OH): a new mineral from the Tanohata mine, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.[Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences,107(3),(2012),149-154]Toshiro Nagase, Hidemichi Hori, Mizuya Kitamine, Mariko Nagashima, Ahmadjan Abduriyim and Takahiro Kuribayashi
31.Unique diamond in Almahatta Sitta ureilite..[Meteoritics & Planetary Science,47,(2012),5126-]Miyahara, M., Ohtani, E., El Goresy, A., Lin, Y.T., Feng, L., Zhang, J.C., Nagase, T., Nishijima, M.
32.The effects of pressure on crystal structure of δ-AlOOH up to 9.0 GPa.[Photon Factory Activity Reports,29,(2012),261-]T.Kuribayashi, A. Sano-Furukawa and T. Nagase
33.Evidence for multiple dynamic events and subsequent decompression stage recorded in a shock vein..[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,307(3-4),(2011),361-368]Miyahara M., Ohtani E., Kimura M., Ozawa S., Nagase T., Nishijima M. and Hiraga K.
34.'Ballen Quartz' from the Dhala Impact Structure and its Crystal Orientation Pattern by Electron Back Scattered Diffraction (EBSD).[42nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference,1608,(2011),1657-]Y. Kuriyama, N. Nakamura, J. Muto, T. Nagase, J. K. Pati
35.Natural dissociation of olivine to (Mg,Fe)SiO3 perovskite and magnesiowüstite in a shocked Martian meteorite.[Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,108(15),(2011),5999-6003]Masaaki Miyahara, Eiji Ohtani, Shin Ozawa, Makoto Kimura, Ahmed El Goresy, Takeshi Sakai, Toshiro Nagase, Kenji Hiraga, Naohisa Hirao, and Yasuo Ohishi
36.New silica clathrate minerals that are isostructural with natural gas hydrates.[Nature Communications,2(196),(2011)]Koichi Momma, Takuji Ikeda, Katsumi Nishikubo, Naoki Takahashi, Chibune Honma, Masayuki Takada, Yoshihiro Furukawa, Toshiro Nagase, Yasuhiro Kudoh
37.First evidence for natural dissociation of olivine to silicate-perovskite and magnesiowustite in a shocked Martian meteorite DaG 735.[Meteoritics & Planetary Science,46,(2011),A164-]Miyahara M., Ohtani E., Ozawa S., Kimura M., El Goresy A., Sakai T., Nagase T., Hiraga K., Hirao N., Ohishi Y.
38.14C wiggle-matching of the B-Tm tephra, Baitoushan volcano, China/North Korea.[Radiocarbon,52(3),(2010),933-940]Yatsuzuka S, Okuno M, Nakamura T, Kimura K, Setoma Y, Miyamoto T, Kim K H, Moriwaki H, Nagase T, Jin X, Jin B L, Takahashi T, Taniguchi H
39.First evidence for multi shock events on the L chondritic parent body..[Meteoritics & Planetary Science,45,(2010),A53-]Feng L., Miyahara M., Lin Y., Ohtani E., E. Goresy A., Nagase T.. and Hu S.
40.Coherent with subsequent incoherent ringwoodite growth in olivine of shocked L6 chondrites.[Earth and Planetary Science Letters,295(1-2),(2010),321-327]Miyahara M., Ohtani E., Kimura M., El Goresy A. Ozawa S., Nagase T., Nishijima M. and Hiraga K
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